You asked for it:

Well, a few of you did anyway. ;)

Before, Before and NOW! (last night):

Before, Before, Now

I'm starting to really like getting to see my husband's entire face. He's HAWT! And Zoe had no issues with her daddy's face being nekkid. She didn't even flinch when he got home from work Wednesday; she knows her Daddy! Speaking of, when I was uploading and editing these pics, Zoe was watching and saying, "DA-DA. DADDY!" She's been saying it for a couple weeks now along with lots of other sounds, but today was the first time she actually connected the face with the name. So, I'm counting today as the first time she actually said something. I'm delighted and I know Daniel will be too.

And now for my x365:

4. My Daddy
You're one of my hero's and best friends. I used to tell my friends, "Wait til you meet my dad, he's really funny." It's true. You're also kind, brave and loving.


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