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Hauled Away

Remember this lovely sectional that I was so excited to get a year ago?

It was everything I wanted in a sectional. It was modern, red and comfy. I loved it.

Max hated it. He huffed and puffed and resented me for giving "his" recliner away. Eventually he decided that our sectional would be a nice convenient source of fiber and he started digging into it and eating the stuffing. We covered the hole with pillows and throws and then he made more holes. And then Bailey's and his nails poked holes in the chenille cushions with their nails. The nails were getting stuck in the loops in the fabric. We thought the fabric was durable and we were very, very wrong. More holes were dug. More stuffing was eaten and Daniel and I became disgusted and frustrated until all we could do was laugh. We made a very bad purchase.

And now. Now the sectional is gone. It was hauled away by two very creepy men (I found through the newspaper) last Thursday. We paid them $45 to get this sectional/chew to…

Ta Da!

This is Zoe. (Click image for larger viewing options.)

Really. We now have confirmation for the third time that we are having a Zoe and not a Connor. I've been freaking out a tad about being surprised in the delivery room with a son instead of a daughter. Either is exciting and wonderful, but the nursery is SO close to being done! The idea of coming home with a baby boy and wanting to redo the entire room was just freaking me out. I love decorating, but not that much people!

Anyway. Back to Zoe. I think she is gorgeous. I love her round little face and her button nose... and look at those cheeks!

Daniel and I had hesitated about doing the 3D/4D ultrasound, but we just sort of stumbled in a place here in town and I fell for the pitch. I wanted the special keepsakes. I wanted to see her little face and body. I wanted confirmation (again) that she was a she. It was a great experience and I totally recommend having it done.

Anywho. Our friend Alison is visiting this weekend and I am SO h…

Photography & Chocolate Cake

Last night Daniel and I went down to the Spotlight so I could take photos of their new show Glengarry Glen Ross:

(Opens at the SPOTLIGHT THEATRE in Bakersfield, California tomorrow (Feb.23) night. The show was written by David Mamet and directed by Roger Mathey.)

This will be my last "job" for Spotlight until after Zoe is born, but I will be taking photos of V-day at the Empty Space (down the street from our house) next week.

I've got to say I'm going to miss photographing the shows. I should only miss two productions, but I've really enjoyed the process and feel like I've grown as a photographer since I started doing this for them a little over a year ago. Last night I took 250 shots and when we got home, I dove right in and cut them down to 156. Choosing my favorite 13 (I don't know why I ended up with 13) wasn't easy.

I must say I'm pretty darn proud of how well they all turned out because I was slightly distracted.

1. There was a very decadent, ri…


So far, this is shaping up to be a busy/fun week.

Someone is going to get a haircut.
Something is going to get hauled away.
Some photos are going to be taken.
Something is going to be built.
Somethings are going to be delivered.
Someone is going to be seen 3D/4D.
Someone is coming to visit.
Some stuff might get hung.

And me, I'm supposed to be taking it easy. Luckily, most things require me to just sit back and enjoy/direct. Still... I'm going to need to rest A LOT so that I can enjoy all this weeks happenings.

Pictures to follow, surely.

Picture Time! Again.

It's amazing what a little bit of makeup and a new dress can do for a sick/pregnant lady. :) We've been trying to take a picture of me and my growing belly every few weeks or so and Valenitine's Day seemed like a good day even if my nose does look swollen from my latest bout of sinusitus. Yuck. Anywho. I'm saying this is my 26 week pic since that's where I'm at as of today, but it's actually 25 weeks/5 days. Whatever. I won't sweat the inaccuracy if you don't.

This, of course is Daniel. He's standing next to a new addition to Zoe's room. Daniel found the letter bookmarks in a cool store in San Diego during the holidays and we picked out the frame and other pictures (greeting cards, actually) last weekend. I used some lavender card stock for matting and voila! "Zoe Art".

And Another Thing...

I've mentioned before that Daniel has a podcast of his own. He goes over "cool stuff" and reads his fiction. I'm immensely proud of what he does with his podcast and I love getting to hear him. He's got good podcast voice. :) Anyway, I "helped" him record a special announcement regarding Zoe this evening. I use the term "helped" loosely since I mainly listened, smiled and laughed. It's funny - I'm totally comfortable being on stage singing and acting and being a different person altogether or writing about my life on a public forum, but put me in front of a microphone and I'm suddenly shy. I'm actually this way in most social situations unless I know the people I'm with. Go figure.

So... check out our announcement. It's old news for most of you, but you'll get to hear how adorable my husband is and I say a few things in between my laughter.

Download the mp3 here: Daniel & Keely's Announcement Podcast

Or, go to…

Showing Some Love

Yeah. So, I'm sick for like the thirtieth day since January 1st. I'm sick and tired and REALLY feeling pregnant now. I'm tired of doctor's visits and Z-packs (antibiotics). I'm tired of all the symptoms that Nyquil is supposed to be able to cure and not being able to take Nyquil. I'm not sleeping well. I have lots of growing pains. I'm a little cranky and would like to stick my head in a hole (like an ostrich) or just maybe live in a germ free/immune system friendly bubble until after May 25th.

What I'm not tired of, is little baby kicks that make me giggle in spite of not being able to breathe comfortably through my nose. I'm also not tired of this scratchy voice (very Kathleen Turner-esque) that I'm sporting. I'm especially not tired of Daniel.

Besides being the best husband ever, he makes me laugh even when I feel like crap. He's gone to every single doctor's appointment. He's keeping me drugged up on cough medicine and Sudafe…

Belly Button

Every Friday, I get “Pregnancy Updates” from two different pregnancy websites. I read through them quickly, mentally checking off what I am going through. It mentions nausea and I say to myself – HA! I have nausea. Back pain? Yep, I have that, too. As I go along, I read certain things out loud to Daniel so that he can know what’s happening to Zoe and me on any given week.

A couple weeks ago (week 23): “It says here, we should be reading out loud to the baby.” So that night Daniel read from “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” doing funny voices for all of the characters and entertaining me. I think Zoe was entertained too. I rubbed my tummy and could feel her kicking and moving about. She would get especially active when I would start laughing at her dad. She seems to like it when I laugh. Either that, or she’s moving about trying to get me to settle down and quit shaking. Hmmm.

Not everything they say happens when they say it will because, you know: everyone is different. I think I’m luck…