Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another Night Bites the Dust

Zoe trading card:

Trading Card

Because what else am I going to do at this hour? We've been up for three hours now.

Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Official

In the interest of complete honesty, I'm going to come clean. Zoe has not slept through the night for the last six days. Nope. Not once. Apparently, if you take my baby on a weekend out of town you're going to totally screw with her schedule and screw yourself in the process. I'm stumped. And exhausted. And looking back at that post where I talked about our schedule with a little bit of nostalgia for the good ol' days and a little bit of contempt.

And now for somne live blogging:

Zoe and I are sitting out in the living room right this very moment. We've been out here for thirty minutes so far and I imagine we'll be here for at least another hour or so. She's slipping in and out of sleep. She has it made: mama's lap, binkie, some laptop mood lighting. She just spit her binkie out and is still sleeping... looks like I might be able to go to bed sooner than I thought. She is adorable, you know, She just smiled in her sleep. Oh! And she's awake again. Damn.

Alrighty. Wish us luck in getting her back on schedule. Seriously. We need it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

2 Month Check-up

I took Zoe for her two month check up yesterday morning. She did great during the exam; cooing and smiling. Her doc says she's a healthy baby. She also said Zoe was "huge" the instant she walked into the room, which sort of bugged me. The pediatrician has a way of making things sound negative when they're not. I end up getting paranoid and asking if I'm doing something wrong and then she back pedals and says everything is fine. She says Zoe is in the top 75 percentile for weight and length - and we're not feeding her too much. She's a good size for her age and she's growing at a good rate. Yay us!

Birth weight/length - 8lbs 5ozs./ 19 inches
Last month - 10lbs 5ozs./ 21 inches
Today - 12lbs 3ozs./ 23 inches

That was the easy part. It was not easy watching Zoe get her shots. It was really hard holding Zoe's legs down while the nurse poked her. Our baby has some strong legs and she likes to kick; add being poked four times with needles and you have one angry baby. She was pissed. Bright red, trying to kick her strong legs and screaming like we've never heard her before. I wanted to cry with her, but I was stronger than I thought I would be.

Afterwards, Zoe and I came home and relaxed and then I took some pictures because I just had to.

I don't know how I get anything done, ever, with her looking so cute all the time!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Zoe,

Today you are two months and two days old. I had planned on writing this to you two days ago, but lately time has a way of getting away from me. Something to do with taking care of a baby, I think.

It’s funny because from November 2005 to your birthday, time seemed to go a little bit slower. Your dad and I had a wonderful time together, (most definitely) but those nine months of trying to conceive and then those nine and a half months we waited for your arrival seemed to go at a snails pace sometimes. I worried we would never get to have you and then when we were told you were on your way, May 25th (your due date) couldn’t come quick enough. We wanted you to be healthy and happy, and we were so excited to meet you and hold you in our arms.

Every day since you were born has been an adventure. Your dad and I were in awe of this little person we’d created. We were shocked when people would say how big you were (8lbs, 5ozs.) because you looked so fragile and tiny to us – our little one.

At first, your size one diapers were a tad too big and so were all your newborn clothes. I would look at all the cute clothes we had for you in bigger sizes with glee and anticipation. I was so excited to dress you up! Last Thursday, I put all your newborn clothes away and felt sort of sad doing it. You’ve already grown so much! Now your wearing clothes for a 3 month old and size 2 diapers.

Speaking of diapers, I think we’ve changed like, two hundred in the last two months. Seriously, you’re keeping us busy. We’re looking forward to when you are potty trained! But no rush, because it seems like you’re growing up so quickly.

You smile tons! And laugh. You wake up smiling in the morning, which is lovely. Also lovely, is your sleeping through the night. Your dad and I want to thank you for that. For the last two weeks, you’ve been sleeping through the night, which means WE got to sleep through the night as well. The last few nights have been a little bit more difficult because your schedule got messed up from traveling, but we’re confident you’ll be back on track soon. Right?

You love tummy time and have been doing a pretty good job of holding your head up since day one. Sure, sometimes you have bobble head tendencies, but you’re determined to do it on your own. You’re a kicker, still. You kick while you’re sleeping, getting your diaper changed, and sometimes while you eat. You also like to stand on your feet with our assistance and then kick out one leg so you’re balancing on the other. This impresses me to no end, especially when I see you pointing your toes.

The three of us are all still getting to know one another. We’re learning what your different cries mean. You’ve learned I don’t particularly enjoy it when you shake your head back and forth vigorously while I breast feed you. Even your dad and I are getting acquainted with our new roles. We’re not just best friends, partners, and spouses anymore. Now we’re your parents and adjusting to the change that is part of that. When we’re not taking care of feedings and diaper changes, we try to make time to take care of each other, which we think is very important for our happiness and yours. We’ve had two movie dates without you and have tried bringing you with us to dinner with friends and strolls around the bookstores. You usually sleep when we’re out and about with you so that makes it easier.

What wasn’t particularly easy was our first road trip with you last weekend. Driving from Bakersfield to San Diego should not take seven hours, but it did. We stopped three times. We changed you at a Whole Foods, in the front seat of the Prius, and at Borders. All three diapers were explosive and we had to change your clothes – I’m pretty sure it was because of your sitting position in your car seat. You didn't really seem bothered by any of it, you're happy if you have your binkie. You took two bottles and I pumped in the backseat worrying the entire time that some trucker would see what I was doing, but doing it anyway because you needed food and being engorged is no fun at all. Seriously.

What is fun is seeing all the expressions you make and noticing family resemblances. Also fun: making fun of your “Friar Tuck” hair. You were born with a decent amount at the bottom, but little on top. We find it extremely cute, but I’m pretty sure someday you’re going to roll your eyes when we tease you about it. That’s OK; we’re ready for it.

We’re ready for all of it. We’re so excited to see what you have in store for us this month. We love you, Zo-Zo Monkey.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Her "Hiding from the paparazzi" Disguise:

Running errands

We got the sunglasses as a gift at our baby shower and I'd been holding off on using them (and I sort of forgot about them) until I saw the ADORABLE pics Torrie took of Willa. My camera phone is lousy (oh, iPhone how I covet thee) but this pic is so cute I had to share. I took it on the way out the door to meet Daniel for lunch and run errands. We went to Target and Zoe smiled and laughed at me while I pushed her in the cart while I made faces and talked to her. Cuteness overload. She's got her parents wrapped around her finger.

Monday, July 16, 2007

How We Do It

To answer Victoria's question, Zoe pretty much eats and sleeps when she wants to, but we have tried to follow somewhat of a routine.

When Zoe wakes up in the morning she gets her diaper changed right away. We go straight from the bedroom to the living room and sit down for her morning feeding. Usually, the first feeding wears her out and she fights off sleep until she's out again (swaddling helps this along). If I'm lucky, she'll take her morning nap until about 11am and I have some time to either make up for lost sleep time or sit in front of my computer.

Morning nap is followed by another diaper change and we dress her for the day. No more swaddling, her arms and legs are free to kick and push and explore. We typically do "lunch" and then she spends time "talking", smiling, laughing, posing for the camera, and staring at lights or at the sunlight from the window.

She likes to look at me very seriously when I'm trying to make her laugh and she giggles when I just talk to her and ask her if I bore her. Apparently, I am most funny when I am not trying to be. Figures.

We're basically "free feeding" Zoe after "lunch". We don't stick to an every 2-4 hours schedule; instead she is very clear about when she wants to eat by either rooting or crying. Afternoon feedings tend to be more like snacks, quick 10-minute meals instead of 20 or 30 minutes - or longer if she wants. She tends to take a late afternoon nap and wake up when Daniel gets home from work. This is perfect, because then she is rested and full of lots of smiles for him. She brightens up when she seems him.

Dinner is usually after we eat (unless she demands it sooner or we are going out to eat). Afterwards, she sits up and hangs out, watches DVD's, surfs the internet, blogs, what have you. We try to start getting her and us ready for bed by 9:30. We swaddle her for the night (tight, because she's Houdini) and then she gets another meal that (right now) 9 times out of 10 lulls her to sleep. I like to hold her until I feel like she is in a deep enough sleep that transferring her to her crib won't wake her. And then Daniel and I go to bed. Early. Like before 10:30 and on really exhausting days, 10pm because we never know when this sleeping through the night is going to end. Before last week, she was up at 2am every morning like clockwork. It was nice having at least 4 hours so we weren't complete zombies. Notice I'm saying we? Daniel has gotten up with us just about every time and has taken full nights where I just couldn't because I wasn't feeling well. He's awesome.

I'm sure someone will read this and think we're doing it all wrong. Maybe. We're not following what a specific book says to do. We just asked her pediatrician what she thought was best and she said to try letting Zoe guide us. Who better to know when she's hungry? She's certainly getting enough food (but not too much) and she's a happy baby. Oh, and her parents are pretty darn happy to be sleeping through the night. Works for us!

P.S - Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad! 33 years! Thanks for getting married and being so wonderful together and to your family. I love you.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

See This?

Sleeping Beauty

THIS is my amazing SLEEPING daughter who slept through the night all week long! Last night she slept from 10:30pm until 8am! Tell me that is not the most amazing thing ever. Go ahead, tell me. I won't believe you.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

What We Brought to the Hospital

A while ago, some readers asked that I post my list for what I brought to the hospital for my inducement/ Zoe's birth. It's been 7 weeks, but I figured I'd post it now since some of the bloggers I read are working on their own lists. The list is right off my Word program. I was super organized. I printed up the list like, a month before my due date and highlighted the heck out of it. I also updated it to show that I'd purchased and packed items and then reprinted it. It was sort of ridiculous, actually. Hey, I like being organized and when everything feels so topsy turvy that last month of pregnancy it's kind of nice to feel in control of things.

I was induced on Monday, May 21st and Zoe was born via C-section at 12:18am on Wednesday, May 23rd. We got to check out of the hospital Thursday (the 24th) evening.

I've added some notes in italics to show what was truly useful and not - because I'm obsessed like that want to help future mom's out there.

What to Bring to Hospital
  • Birth Plan – done & turned in
  • Wallet w/ ID (yeah. No one ID'ed me at the hospital, but it seemed like a good idea.)
  • Glasses, Nursing bra, Flip flops – will wear
  • Glass cleaner - packed (I cleaned my glasses obsessively.)
  • Headband - packed (Didn't use. I tried, but it annoyed me.)
  • Hair ties - packed (Two of them. I wore my hair in braids. It kept my hair out of my face and I could lay my head back without a ponytail being in the way.)
  • Burts Bee’s - packed (Used like crazy. I love Burts Bee's)
  • Shampoo & conditioner – purchased and packed (Got fancy Aveda stuff and loved the smell. Hospital would have provided, but it was nice to have my own.)
  • Brush
  • Our toothbrushes – purchased and packed (new ones, in honor of the NEW baby)
  • Toothpaste – purchased and packed
  • Deodorant – purchased and packed (It made me feel better.)
  • 2 pairs of socks w/ tread on bottom – purchased and packed (I got cheap socks with cheap tread from Target and the tread pealed off in the bed. I left little trails of tread all over the room. It sucked, but it also made me laugh. My feet were warm at least.)
  • 2 pairs underwear - packed (Big underwear to fit those HUGE pads.)
  • Lightweight robe – purchased and packed
  • Nightgown – purchased and packed (Didn't get to wear until after Zoe was born, but I was SO glad to be out of the hospital gown.)
  • Breast pads – purchased and packed (Didn't use until a week after Zoe was born when my milk REALLY started coming in - and then I used four at a time.)
  • Going home outfit for me - packed (Maternity jeans, because you don't just completely shrink back to normal right away.)
  • Clean clothes for Daniel - packed (We only packed one change of clothes, he could have used two or three.)
  • Bathing suit for Daniel - packed (I read somewhere that if your husband wants to use the inroom shower, he should bring a suit to wear. He took a shower, but didn't wear the suit - I just made sure no one walked in on him.)
  • Snacks for Daniel – purchased and packed (He ended up getting food from the cafeteria. I ate one bag of snacks while I waited for him to bring me some frozen yogurt during the inducement/before labor.)
  • 1 roll of quarters for vending machines – get from bank (Never got. Never needed.)
  • Bttled water & MTN DEW– purchased, pack just before we leave (The MTN DEW was just the right amount of caffeine my husband needed to stay alert.)
  • Hand operated fan – purchased and packed (Never used. I think it would have annoyed me.)
  • Camera & memory card / Phone Charger (Must haves!)
  • iPod with Special Playlist (I made such a great playlist that we never listened to because I just needed mindless stuff, plus my mood changed so frequently. We watched Law & Order and SVU and talked a lot. I play the playlist for Zoe now though - especially back when she was barely sleeping at all at night. I think she likes it.)
Pack in Car Ahead of Time
  • Snoogle (The hospital bed was SO uncomfortable!)
  • 2 pillows (Hospital pillows are crap. I wish we'd brought 4 so Daniel could have been more comfy.)
  • Two Large Bath Towels (It was just nice to have my own there. Used twice.)
  • Carseat
Zoe’s stuff
  • Diaper bag
  • Going home outfit – purchased and packed
  • Receiving Blanket – purchased and packed

Oh, what a beautiful morning

Guess who’s baby slept through the ENTIRE night! Our’s did! * Yeah, I pretty much did a happy dance when the husband and I woke up before the little one. I even had time to sit and have a bowl of cereal and juice before she woke up and needed a diaper change. Daniel dealt with diaper duty so I could eat. It’s been so long since I’ve had a bowl of cereal – it requires two hands and usually one is holding the kiddo.

So, I finish my cereal and juice and go to see Zoe and her dad in our bedroom. I congratulate her on sleeping through the night and promise her her favorite meal: milk. And that’s when Daniel starts singing: “Don’t you wish your baby was cute like me?”

I love him.

Today is going to be a good day (except I have an Ob/GYN check up. Not as much fun when you’re not pregnant.). Zoe is sleeping again after having breakfast and even though she’s on my lap, I’m managing to blog. I’m actually typing with both hands, which doesn’t really get to happen anymore. I guess that’s why I’ve been so quiet with the blogging and the comments lately. It only takes one hand to surf n’ lurk, everything else can get tedious when I can’t type correctly (well, with two hands anyway).

You know what’s awesome? A baby who laughs in their sleep. I’m pretty sure she is dreaming about food, her favorite thing in the entire world.

* I’m thinking some of our Bakersfield friends probably think we’re big liars about her not letting us sleep. Every time we take her out in public and see friends, she’s sleeping – you know, like a baby. She barely even stirs the entire time we’re out and then on the way home she starts wailing. There are very few people who have seen her eyes (they’re bright blue) in person. But we’re not lying. I would never lie about sleep… it’s too precious.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Strange Night Time Occurances with the BPD

When Daniel and I first met sleep was less important. We were doing shows and then going out afterwards with the casts. Daniel would need to be at work early in the morning, but it didn’t stop us from staying up late at night – talking, reading, surfing the internet, watching movies, etc. We were young then.

With the arrival of Zoe, we value sleep more now than ever before. The little one takes a lot of energy out of us. So much so that it is a great accomplishment to be in bed at 9:30 pm and have our daughter sound asleep. I find myself crossing my fingers that she'll sleep three hours straight. Sunday night we got to sleep from 9:30 to 3:30 and I was overjoyed. Six hours of uninterrupted sleep! It was amazing! So amazing that we made it a point to be in bed at 9:30 last night too.

Fast forward. I hear a faint knocking. The dogs are barking a little. I nudge Daniel and tell him I hear knocking. He’s so sleepy he’s practically sleep talking – but he tells me it’s the bed. I wonder to myself why our bed would be knocking while we’re sleeping and then tell him, “No. I hear knocking. Someone is here.”

Daniel slowly gets up and tries to peak out the window as I rush into our hallway. I worry that it’s one of our friends – that maybe there is an emergency and they couldn’t call so they came to our house. I’m so sleepy, I can barely open the baby gate to get into the living room… and that’s when I hear them.

“Bakersfield Police Department.”

They’re shining a very bright flashlight through the window in our door. It’s so bright that it blinds me for a second. I’m pretty much in shock. I flashback to that one time Ashley and I had police officers shine flashlights in our faces while we sat in a car at a golf course parking lot when we were sixteen.

I’m moving in slow motion because I’m so darn tired and the BPD is still shining that darn light, knocking at our door and announcing them selves. It was like a very bad dream.

I opened the door after seeing their badge and patrol car. They asked me if everything was all right. Apparently, they had a GPS signal that something was wrong.* It led them to our address and they were worried when we didn’t answer the door right away. I explained that we’d just had a baby – we’d been in bed since 9:30. They asked us if someone could have dialed 911 by mistake and then they asked us to look at our cell phones to make sure they weren’t left open. Daniel checked and came back to say everything seemed fine. One officer seemed suspicious, but the other was very nice – said he hoped they hadn’t woken the baby. The suspicious one said that if our dogs didn’t wake her, they probably didn’t either. Nice. Our baby is used to barking dogs, not so much with the cops coming to our door in the middle of the night. But I didn’t say that, instead I thanked them for their concern.


Daniel and I stumbled back to bed quietly. Zoe didn’t stir a bit. Just before I shut my eyes I looked at my clock – 11:30. They must have thought we were crazy. Daniel in his late 20’s, me in my early 30’s… all our lights out and answering our door like we were zombies. It had felt like it was two in the morning! We're officially OLD!

Lucky for us, everything was fine. I worry a little about why they were getting a GPS signal from our address… but I didn’t lose sleep about it. In fact, Zoe didn’t wake us until 4am! She was oblivious to the primetime excitement and slept six and a half hours straight! Here’s hoping she does the same tonight and that we don’t have any visitors.

* So, when Daniel got home from work today we discussed the BPD visit. Since we were both practically sleep walking, we compared memories. Turns out, the police recieved a 911 call and GPS tracking led them to our address. Apparently it's not an exact science and the call could have been made anywhere in our vicinity, but our address was the most likely. Scary to think that someone who needed the police didn't get help while we were awakened... and I'm pretty sure they thought they were at our home for a possible domestic disturbance since they asked more than once if we were OK. It's a shame the GPS tracking doesn't work better and that they weren't able to get a name from the cell provider.