It's Official

In the interest of complete honesty, I'm going to come clean. Zoe has not slept through the night for the last six days. Nope. Not once. Apparently, if you take my baby on a weekend out of town you're going to totally screw with her schedule and screw yourself in the process. I'm stumped. And exhausted. And looking back at that post where I talked about our schedule with a little bit of nostalgia for the good ol' days and a little bit of contempt.

And now for somne live blogging:

Zoe and I are sitting out in the living room right this very moment. We've been out here for thirty minutes so far and I imagine we'll be here for at least another hour or so. She's slipping in and out of sleep. She has it made: mama's lap, binkie, some laptop mood lighting. She just spit her binkie out and is still sleeping... looks like I might be able to go to bed sooner than I thought. She is adorable, you know, She just smiled in her sleep. Oh! And she's awake again. Damn.

Alrighty. Wish us luck in getting her back on schedule. Seriously. We need it.


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