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Dear Zoe

You are now 4 months and 1 day old. I’m a day late, but seriously? I’m surprised I’m not a week late. For one, your mama is feeling like crud today and two; the days are going by so fast! I’ve yet to write in your baby book. I know, I know. Terrible. I have however, placed your baby book in a messenger bag and transported it to San Diego twice in the last month. That’s something. Oh, and your birth announcements? They are slowly trickling out to the family. I know. Someday I’ll look back and laugh with you about all of this and I’ll tell you to not sweat the stuff I am freaking out about here. You won’t listen because new moms? This is just what we do, freak out.

Anyway. This is about you.

The last month was exhausting. So exhausting that I am struggling to think of words to type here.

You went to Cheryl’s four times. On your second visit to Cheryl’s, (while your daddy and I went for dinner and a movie) you rolled over for the first time by yourself. When Cheryl told us she prefaced it…

September 19th

A year ago today, I took a home pregnancy test and found out that Daniel and I were well on our way to becoming parents. From that moment, my life changed. I remember watching as the line rapidly formed in the window. I stood up and my heart was beating fast. I was overwhelmed with joy, with this huge sense of pride and accomplishment. I remember washing my hands slowly and looking in the mirror. I was beaming. I was going to be a mom. Already, I was a mom!

Getting to share that moment with Daniel: when I rushed into our bedroom and jumped on the bed as he tried to catch his last couple hours of sleep in peace was (and I think always will be) one of the most exciting moments in our marriage.

And scary.

And I think that's what I've learned in the past year. Being a mom-to-be, a mom, a parent is a series of highs and lows, of pride and embarrassment, or accomplishments and even failures. It's rolling with the punches, the setbacks, the sleepless nights and going forward. Laug…

Glamourous. Life.

So, it's a nice Saturday afternoon. I'm fighting off some creeping crud that has infected my throat and is making me feel like crap with a capitol "C". I have a pain in my right shoulder that has persisted for nearly a week and at times feels like the muscle and tissue are tearing or just being beat on by a very strong person with an iron fist. Daniel is taking a nap because he was up with the little one until two in the morning. Our house is a mess. We're dog sitting four dogs for a friend of ours (at his house thank goodness) who has dog-sitted for us numerous times and is in L.A doing a show, so that means we’re going back and forth between his house and ours. We're on super budget, logging every single purchase and bill into an Excel worksheet so we can manage our spending better and save some money/ pay off our debts. We're moving into a new house and have until October 31st to get all our stuff out of the old house and clean it.... I don't know …

Birthday recap

A week ago, I took Zoe to Cheryl's for the first time so I could have a "Mama Monday" (this week we're doing it tomorrow since Daniel is off for Labor Day). When I got to the car with the kiddo, I saw a card and a note from Daniel on the dashboard. I'd assumed it was a note telling me to enjoy myself and not worry about the baby since I'd been feeling a little guilty and emotional about having a day without her. Nope. It was an early birthday card and an urging for me to go out and have a fun day of shopping. So I did. I got tons of new clothes as my birthday present from Daniel. Awesome.

We got to San Diego late Thursday night and Zoe's present to me was staying up with me until 2am. I'm choosing to believe she wanted to be the first to wish me happy birthday.

My actual birthday was spent walking around, having lunch with Daniel and Zoe, watching Daniel cut off all of his hair, and spending time playing with Zoe and her new walker that my parents got h…