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Photo Friday Contribution: PORTRAIT

I know, I know.... I've shared this one before. The thing is, it's been a couple months and this happens to be my favorite picture I've taken of my husband. And it fits the category...other choices included actors from shows I've photographed, or the dog children, but this one makes me smile. It was taken on our first anniversary - in Ashland, Oregon. The last time I posted it, I said I thought it would be great on the back of his first book.

We're off to San Diego this morning to see my parents and to see Wicked on Saturday night. I'm sort of excited. Of course, I'd be more excited if I wasn't suffering from some kind of stomach flu or food poisoning. It's been hell for the past two days. Hell, I tell you! The only thing that would make it OK, would be if it's something else causing all this havoc. That would be completely acceptable....and well, YAY! But something tells me it's just a plain old virus. A disgusting, hot flash inducing, nause…


Well, we're back in the calm that is our home. Air blasting, dog snoring, fingers's good to be home. Not to say that our weekend wasn't fabulous. Oh, it was! I wasn't really sure what to expect from this event: Comic-Con. I knew people would be in costume. I expected a lot of geeks in one location. I was looking forward to lots of vendors and interesting panels. I was hoping I might see a movie star or two.

Costumes: Lots of comic book characters on hand, that's a no brainer. Also in attendance were Manga and anime characters and obvious fans of Star Wars, Firefly (Browncoats), Fifth Element, Men in Black, Jay & Silent Bob (just to name a few). It seems that geek chicks are huge fans of the corset and fishnets. There were moments where I thought I might be at a Rocky Horror convention.

100,000 people: Yep. You read that correctly. The convention center was so crowded that people were turned away from the event. People brought their infants, toddlers,…

Everything Is Going So Well

So. Yeah. Things seem to be going favorably for the husband and me right now. We got through the injections that Daniel had to give me without too much pain and only one bruise (he forgot to stop squeezing my skin). I was a trooper and barely complained about the stinging and Daniel learned a new skill. So, woohoo for that.

On Saturday we each auditioned for a couple musicals. I auditioned for The Full Monty (Daniel is assistant directing) and Daniel auditioned for Assassins (I'm assisting on that one). We both did really well and found out Sunday afternoon that we got the parts we each had been eyeing. My number is especially jazzy and fun, so I am very excited. I'm thinking if all goes according to plan, this may be my last time on stage for a while.

Which brings me to Sunday morning. We got up early and drove to Thousand Oaks for a follow up appointment. I needed to be seen on the 11th day of my cycle so they could do another ultrasound and see how the meds worked for us. It …


It's not that I've been wanting to neglect you, internet. I've been missing the blogging, really - I have. It's just that I've been busy. I'll spare you all the details (cleaning, planning, organizing) and just share the interesting stuff:

I did a little photo shoot for the Spotlight Theatre last Friday. Here's a peak at how they turned out:

They will be using these photos for their publicity posters and programs - so that is exciting for me. Looks like I will actually be paid and listed in the programs as the theatre's photographer. That thrills me beyond words. The pay is way down on my list as far as importance goes, but it's nice to be involved and to be appreciated. I'll be at the theatre tomorrow night taking pictures of "The History of Rock and Roll". Also cool is that there is a very strong possibility that one or more of my photos (from when I photographed "The Thing About Men") will be published in the newspaper this …

Superman & Parenting

Daniel and I joined hundreds of people yesterday in one of our favorite pastimes. We did not picnic or travel. In fact, we avoided the heat altogether. Instead, we went to see a matinee of Superman Returns. Movie watching seemed patriotic somehow - especially when watching the "man of steel" fly around saving people.

Prior to the movie starting, we observed families flocking in to the theatre and quickly filling the seats. Parents were grabbing booster seats so their toddlers could better see the screen. I couldn't help but try to remember the first time I watched Superman. I don't think I saw it in the theatre back in 1978. It's far more likely that I watched it on HBO sometime in the early home. But I'll get to that in a moment.

Before Superman Returns we were enticed (and then, not so much) by the previews. Spiderman 3 looks good, but then we likey the superhero movies. Ant Bully looks cute. Amazingly, this gal who is SO not in to sports was …