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What we're doing

All week I've been telling myself I need to blog and then finding something else that needed to be done more. Maybe the heat is getting to brain doesn't seem to be sustaining info. The heat is making me cranky and less inclined to sit and write. There's also the fact that we've been busy this week.

We went to see An Inconvenient Truth with some friends last Sunday. It was disturbing, and scary. Daniel and I went home and discussed the movie and what we could do (besides the recycling we already do) to make a positive difference. One of our answers was getting a new car to replace Daniel's Saturn. We decided on a Toyota Prius after researching the different hybrid cars. We liked the hatchback style and all of the reviews I read on them were above the other hybrids. The MPG seems to be the best out of all of them too. We're thinking the dog children's' crate will fit easily and when the time comes, the car won't be too cramped with a baby seat…

Still Cookin'

So far, we're sticking to our guns on the cooking thing, and we're having fun with it. We've pretty much decided that we prefer cooking and cleaning together instead of one person taking on each thing alone. We're like a mini cooking show in our kitchen! Sure, we don't record ourselves cooking, but I have been insisting on getting photographic proof of the finished product. Daniel hasn't made fun of me about it once.

Last night we made Lemon Pasta and Asparagus. Go to Rachel Ray for the pasta recipe (the asparagus we figured out on our own).

It was very good and again, easy to make. We'll definitely make it in the future...and might even add some grilled shrimp or swordfish to the mix.

Jen (hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!) requested the recipe we used for the Taco Salad. We actually got the recipe from an ad for Jennie-O Turkey in the magazine. I found their website and have saved it in my bookmarks for future cooking adventures.

See that: Fu…

Domestic Duo

Daniel and I started off really well as far as the cooking at home goes. Almost four years ago, we were taking turns cooking for each other. Different kinds of pasta dishes. Pad Thai. Lasagna. Peanut Butter & Jelly w/ Cheetos. We bought a grill and I made some fabulous swordfish with mango salsa. I made a childhood favorite: Tuna Casserole. We made tons of Tuna Melts. When we moved into this house almost two years ago we resolved to cook more meals at home. We've hosted some friends over for dinner. We experimented with a few new recipes and made some of the stand-bys from the past, but it's been so hard to stick with it. Don't get me wrong: Every time we've cooked for and with each other, we have enjoyed the results...but it never feels like we have enough time or inclination to spend our time in the kitchen prepping, cooking and then cleaning after.

See, that's our first problem - the cleaning. As charming as it is to live in an old house, we lack the luxury o…

Busy, Busy

Daniel and I left the fertility doctors office reassured and excited for what's to come. The entire office staff is very accommodating and our doctor is awesome. Doc says that due to our ages and blood test results - that we really have nothing to stress about. Turns out I don't really have a blocked tube so he doesn't want to do surgery. Yay. He also says he thinks I'll be pregnant in the next few months. Woohoo!

We just need a little bit of help getting us to conceive, so I'll be starting some meds this week. Typical fertility some injections. The possibility of twins is moderate. I'll be monitored closely in the next few weeks.

In the mean time, we've got a lot of other things happening in the next month or so.

I need to finally enroll the dog children in obedience classes. Seriously. They're adorable but they don't listen unless they want to. Especially Bailey. She's 22 pounds of muscle and she needs to learn some manners.Tons of …

Girl Talk (You're forewarned) the past few months, I've hinted about certain decisions being made; adjustments in mine and Daniel's lives; planning for our future, etc. A few of you bloggers have had comments from me that are much less vague...the rest of you, I'm sure you've put two and two together. I'm not very cryptic and I wasn't trying to hide so much as be discreet about what our plans were. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do and I didn't want to jinx anything by writing about it here.

I changed my mind.

After some long talks, Daniel and I decided last August that we want to extend our family. We talked with our family doc, my ob/gyn and my specialist for RSD. I was weaned off of my pain medications and quit the BC. After a few months, (November) we "officially" started trying for "Baby E." It's been 8 months and we haven't had any luck. And when I say no luck, I mean no natural periods. In eight months, I have had three periods…

Mel Moved

I just got a text message from our good friend Mel. She's 5 hours from San Antonio and tomorrow she'll be in Houston.

I met Mel a few years ago. She works with Daniel. She and I took to each other pretty quickly. We both share a love for music - especially those singer/song writer...indie types. She's got a bigger collection of CD's than me - and I think that's awesome because I buy CD's at a ridiculous pace. We've driven to L.A together a couple times. She's watched Bailey for us when we've left town and she was one of those friends who had a key to our house in case of emergencies. Our dogs love her even though she's really allergic to them. Mel co-signed for us so we could rent our house (since my credit was awful) and helped us move in. She's an amazing photographer and I am extremely proud to say that two of her photos are framed and hanging in our home - the home we would not get to live in had she not helped us out. She came and hung o…

Anniversary Weekend

After spending two wonderful days of our honeymoon in Ashland last year, Daniel and I agreed that we would try to return to every year. So far, so good. The town is the perfect place to slow down and relax (the town pretty much shuts down at 10pm - except for a few bars). It was wonderful getting to go back to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

We stayed at the lovely Ashland Springs Hotel again. We had a nice view of the mountains and Main Street, and our room was cozy. I especially like the location of the hotel: right on Main Street, close to the shopping, restaurants and the theatres. I highly recommend staying there.

The long weekend was filled with lots of walking - up and down Main Street and some steep hills. We parked our rental car upon arriving Friday afternoon and didn't get back in it until Monday. Next time, I think we'll look into just getting a shuttle from the airport.

We saw 3 amazing shows.

Friday night was "The Winter's Tale" by Shakespeare.…

The First

Today, is the first of June. After some careful consideration of the other eleven months, I believe this has got to be my favorite month of them all.

Back in the day, I loved June because it was the month that school got out...the month that I got to claim another grade. June 1993 was the month and year my friends and I began to revel in being seniors in high school. We thought we were so cool and we were so excited to be the older kids on campus. Why, I'm not really sure. In recent years, June has become an even bigger deal.

In June 2002, I moved to Bakersfield to start over.

In June 2003, Daniel and I moved in to our first apartment together. I had lived with him in "his" apartment for a couple months prior to that, but the one on Ming Ave was truly ours. We chose it together. We bought knick knacks, wall decor, a sleeper sofa. All of our books, movies and CD's got grouped together in cohesive groupings. We decided together (after some deliberation) how ev…