Still Cookin'

So far, we're sticking to our guns on the cooking thing, and we're having fun with it. We've pretty much decided that we prefer cooking and cleaning together instead of one person taking on each thing alone. We're like a mini cooking show in our kitchen! Sure, we don't record ourselves cooking, but I have been insisting on getting photographic proof of the finished product. Daniel hasn't made fun of me about it once.

Last night we made Lemon Pasta and Asparagus. Go to Rachel Ray for the pasta recipe (the asparagus we figured out on our own).

It was very good and again, easy to make. We'll definitely make it in the future...and might even add some grilled shrimp or swordfish to the mix.

Jen (hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!) requested the recipe we used for the Taco Salad. We actually got the recipe from an ad for Jennie-O Turkey in the magazine. I found their website and have saved it in my bookmarks for future cooking adventures.

See that: Future Cooking Adventures. Woohoo.

P.S. - Those bowls are part of a Pasta bowl set. That little platter is from a set of two. All of it is pottery made by my wonderful mom-in-law, in her studio in San Antonio. Someday, I'll take a photo of all the stuff she's made for us. She is so talented and her pieces are reason enough for us to cook more often. You know, because food looks really good shown off in her pottery.


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