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I need more vacation! I need more naps! Ack! I'll return to regular blogging soon, but I'm contemplating a break since I already screwed up on blog 365. Break could last anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks, but I feel it on the horizon.

In completely unrelated news: I somehow managed to lose 10 pounds while on vacation and not watching what I ate. I ate Cheeseburgers, Fries, Quesadillas, Nachos. Queso, Guac, Enchiladas, Kings Ranch Chicken Casserole, Pasta, Meatballs, Chips, etc and I still lost weight. I'm shocked and slightly giddy because I had been dreading stepping foot on the scale after the gluttony that was Texas. I think the weight loss can only be attributed to the walking and the extreme humidity. Chances are, I sweated away those pounds. Regardless, I'm owning that little victory and taking this new way of living seriously. First thing this morning I jumped on the exercise bike and did five miles in 15 minutes. I ate well and healthy today and drank …

Excuses, Excuses

So I missed blogging yesterday. It's the first day I've missed since when? November or something? Blog 365 allows for me to post date and still technically be a Blog 365-er, but I'm just not going to do it. Oh, I'll keep posting every day - but there are times where blogging just is not congruent with every single day. Leaving for the airport at 6am (Texas time) and flying all morning with a tired, cranky (but totally well behaved) 11 month old dis not make me want to write, it made me want to collapse. And then we got to San Diego and it was awfully hot and uncomfortable, but we were starving so we sat at a restaurant near the harbor waiting a freaking long time for our meal. And then we drove to my parents house (40 minutes from airport) to their home without central air which was quite the adjustment considering the house in San Antonio was so cool I slept in long sleeve pajamas and two blankets. And then Daniel and I decided we needed to go escape into a cool movie…


Our little family will be saying our "see you laters" to Texas, family, and friends in just under twelve hours. I wish we could bundle up our loved ones and bring them back with us. Heck, I wouldn't turn down the chance to take a longer vacation! But things in California are calling to us: schedules, work, dog children, and friends - especially the two who are in a hospital as I type this waiting for their baby boy to be born. When we planned this trip four months ago I was sure it wouldn't coincide with "Tank's" arrival since he wasn't due til May 27, but our boy had other plans for his parents and his adoring fans. Tank, I can't wait to meet you!

Reason #46* Texas is so great:

From an actual conversation this evening while Daniel was eating venison sausage:

Daniel - "You can't get sausage like this in California."
His Dad - "Really."
Daniel - "They really just have Italian sausage."
His Dad - "Huh."
Daniel - "And here you can get it anywhere. Gas stations even carry it."
Me - "Grreaat."
Daniel - "Its true. You can get it anywhere here.
Me - "Dentist offices even. Dr. Ross (a close family friend of Daniel's family who I've only seen a handful of times) sells it in his waiting room."
Daniel - "Really?"
Me - "No! How would I, why would I even know that if that were true?!"

I can be so sarcastic. He can be so gullible. We're perfect for each other.

In other Texas news:
I just don't see what the big deal is about Blue Bell ice cream. Tastes just like every other ice cream to me! Also, if its so darn great, why can't it be purchased elsewhere? Seems like an e…


Originally uploaded by KeelyE Couldn't resist posting this. One of Zoe's new favorite things to do is waving at her fans.

Remember the Alamo

We're back in San Antonio just a few blocks from the Alamo (Daniel's parents live downtown just a few minutes from the historic site, the Alamo Dome and Hemisfair Park). It's been an eventful couple days, but I'm going to save the recap for when I can blog from my laptop versus my iPhone. So far I have tons of photos waiting to be uploaded to flickr, but I need to wait until we get home for access and I need to renew my now expired Pro account.*

I'm also going to wait until we get home to write my letter to Zoe. Its hard to believe today is her 11 month birthday. Just one more month and she's a year old! If you could see her you'd be amazed at how much she's grown. She's been quite the social butterfly while on vacation. She truly fits in with the Texans here and she's charming everyone with her generous smiles and laughter.

* Friends and Family (my Mom & Dad especially) don't be alarmed at the sudden drop of monkey pics in my photos. They…

Happy Vacationing Duo

Happy Vacationing Duo
Originally uploaded by KeelyE Well, we're a trio now actually. Its hard to believe that five years ago Daniel brought me to San Antonio to meet his parents and his friends. It was my first time in this beautiful city, but I fell in love with it almost as quickly as I did with Daniel.

The photo is of us goofing off in the bathroom (we didn't want to wake the baby who we're sharing a room with). We giggled and laughed and practically fell over each other while I tried to snap a pic with the iPhone. I liked that it captures us being comfortable and happy.

We're in W. Houston. tonight with family. Tomorrow we'll be in McDade.

We took like, 30 self portraits

We took like, 30 self portraits
Originally uploaded by KeelyE and this was the best of them.

Today was filled with nap taking, good and healthy food, and leisurely strolls through the King Williams District and along the Riverwalk.

We're having a great time.

Zoe literally fell asleep with a smile on her face and then giggled in the first few minutes of slumber. She's sort of being showered with attention, as you can imagine.

The Quarry

The Quarry
Originally uploaded by KeelyE Slept in.
- Walked thru Hemisfair Park with Zoe, Daniel & his parents.
- Took lots of pics (that I can't upload without Internet.
- Went to Craft Fair with Daniel while his parents watched baby.
- Had lunch with Daniel at the Quarry, then browsed the stores (while his parents watched the baby).
- Ate a delicious meal that his parents made.
- Exhausted.

- Generally feeling like I had no responsibility today which is kind of awkward since I'm usually so absorbed with my daughter.

- Feeling especially blessed that we get to have and enjoy a vacation with Zoe. San Antonio is even more lovely when I get to revisit it with her.

Gone To Texas

First Airplane Trip
Originally uploaded by KeelyE Well, we're here! I'm happy to report there was no stress to speak of! We're all excited to be in Texas. I've missed this place and look forward to showing Zoe off (and around).


As Daniel, Zoe and I were walking thru the children's section at Borders (browsing for last minute items to occupy the kiddo on the airplane tomorrow) we overheard this exchange between a lady and a sales person:

"Do you have blah blah(I didn't actually hear what she wanted)?"
"No, sorry. We can order it for you."
"Well her birthday is today, I need it now!"

And the lady rushed off in a huff no doubt feeling put out and bothered by the whole situation.

The sales person mumbled just before we walked by her: "Well maybe you should have not waited until their birthday to buy the gift."

As I was walking away I heard another sales person say, "Maybe she should try shopping on any of the other 364 days for her child's birthday present. It's not like the day is a surprise."

I couldn't help myself from smirking and giving them the thumbs up. Customers can be so righteous even when they're at fault. I can't begin to tell yo…


Well, we're in San Diego! We had a good drive with Zoe and the dog kids. I've packed and repacked our bags for San Antonio. I've narrowed down Zoe's and my vacation wardrobe. We're ready.

But I still might try consolidating the two bags into one. Tomorrow. Now I sleep. But on the couch because my back can't handle the guest room bed. I hate not sharing a bed with Daniel but it's important I'm able to walk upright without assistance. I'm not even kidding.

Busy Bee

Tomorrow is the first day of our first vacation as a family. Yay! There is SO much to do before we leave for San Diego tomorrow morning, so I'm going to keep this super short. I'm stressing. And let's face it, I wouldn't be me if I wasn't stressing out just a tad. But I'm really stressing. Well, not that bad - but I've been running around all day trying to entertain the monkey, straighten up around the house, do laundry, pull weeds in the front yard, etc. And to make things even better, I have a huge migraine. Hell.*

The good thing is we'll get to rest for a day in San Diego with my parents before my dad takes us to the airport Saturday morning. Daniel and I have no idea really what to expect from Zoe's first trip on a plane. We know there will undoubtedly be some stress involved and that she's going to be a handful and not that thrilled with being confined to her car seat on the plane, but we also know that getting to be back in Texas with her g…

Hey, Red! No, Not you!

This is what told my lady I wanted:

I said I wanted my hair grow to the cut and that I wanted a cross between that red and this one.

This is what she gave me:

Oh, wait? Does that not look any different to you? Me either!

When I stand out in the sun you can definitely see something, but not enough.

I think the thing that gets me the most is that I was at the salon for almost five hours. I didn't eat all fricken day. And, oh, my favorite part: I paid more than twice the amount I normally do and that was enough as it is. We actually almost put me getting my hair done off because we're a little low on funds going into our trip to Texas, but I couldn't stand the idea of not doing something with myself. I hadn't had my hair colored since early February and the roots and gray hair were just too much for me to handle. Truth is, I feel my confidence falling when I don't feel like I look good.

So, my lady stripped the old color and then she stripped it again. My hair had a light b…

Help a Girl Out


Another Reason To Add To The List

Sometimes I get in a funk. When I get in those funks, I need to talk about it with Daniel even if it's just saying those words out loud:

I'm in a funk.
I feel like I'm a boring person.
I'm not everything I want to be.
I'm so happy being your wife, Zoe's mom, but sometimes I feel like that's all I am and I want to be more.
Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting peoples time with my blog because there is nothing terribly exciting or insightful about it.

I said at least half of these things to Daniel the other day and do you know what he did? He listened. He told me that I'm not a boring person and that I can be anything I want. He told me that I'm a wonderful mother. He told me it was OK to feel this way. And then he got a piece of paper and a pen and he wrote down a checklist of things we need to do to... well, to light a fire under my ass. He asked me what I want, what my interests were. We talked about how I can obtain those goals and what he could do …

No Autographs, Please

Zoe is now wearing big girl pajamas. Next thing I know she'll be going away for slumber parties. AACK!

I hope you're having as nice a Sunday as we are.

I Might Be Old Now

So Daniel and I loaded up the baby and went to the "Marketplace" to go grocery shopping this afternoon. The "Marketplace" is actually just your run of the mill strip mall with a few restaurants, a Rite Aid, some small stores, a movie theater and a Vons, but it also happens to be swarming with kids of the teen aged variety every single weekend. Well, who am I kidding? It's pretty much swarming with people every day after five. So anyway, as we're coming up to the center I ask Daniel to take a specific turn so we can do a drive by of the center to check out the soon to be open Williams Sonoma.

And that folks is the first sign that I'm either getting old or really, really boring. OY.

Second - I stared in awe at a kid Daniel pointed out with a huge Mohawk. Daniel says, "He should be proud of that!" Inside I agree, but can't help but wonder what his mother thinks of his hair choice. OLD.

Third - We're walking around Vons and a group of thugs t…

Daydream Believer

I am truly, madly, deeply in love with my husband and my baby (and my dog children) but sometimes I daydream about taking a vacation with myself.

I dream about jumping on a plane and going to Europe and then taking the trains everywhere. I imagine what it would be like to wander the streets, the countryside, and the museums with my camera and having my own little adventure. I dream about sitting in a cafe or in a garden with a journal; writing about the sights and how it feels to be on my own, nourishing my mind and soul. I would take in concerts, go to plays, maybe take a cooking class, and see an opera.

Sometimes I dream about going somewhere more "local" and having an adventure: New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Portland, Seattle, etc. I daydream about getting to explore in a new environment. I want to try new restaurants, have new experiences, walk, visit antique stores and museums, see concerts, etc.

I think I would have an envelope for each city I went to and inside i…

Sick, but Cute

Zoe now...

... rolls her hands when we say "Roll 'em and roll 'em!'
... pats her hands on her lap, legs and every other flat surface when we say "Pat, pat, pat."
... furniture walks.
... crawls.
... throws her hands in the air when we say "Wooooo!"****
... laughs hysterical belly laughs when we say "VIGGO!" in a funny voice.

The 105 fever she's had for most of today has finally broke to 100 (still a fever, but so much better). Her parents are exhausted from this. I had thought that maybe her getting sick would be easier to deal with the older she gets, but I was wrong. Seeing your child feel bad is one of the hardest things you will ever have to go through. Lucky for us she's on the mend and still has the sweetest disposition ever.


Wordless Wednesday

Click image to view larger and see those teeth even better.

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Zoe is teething right now. Like, really teething. For a little while she's been sporting the beginnings of her left and right incisors and her bottom two middle teeth, but now the top two middle teeth are coming in. She wants to gnaw on anything she can: toys, her fingers, teething rings, my hands, our ottoman, our couch (no joke), anything to relieve the pain. Even with all this teething, she's been a sport with only intermittent spurts of crankiness amongst full hearted belly laughs, silly grins and giggles. She's the dream baby. Well, she's the baby I always dreamed of having.

Today was a little bit tougher for her. The teething has increased her drool factor again and she has a tiny fever blister in the corner of her mouth. For most of today she's had a fever and wanted to just be in my arms, cuddling and being comforted. Looking at her on one of her "off days" I couldn't help but think how much I adore her and wish I could make things like this ea…

The shower was a success

Click the link below to see larger: 1. Onesie Design Center, 2. draanks, 3. Onesies, 4. This is some more food and flora, 5. Food, 6. Flowers from the garden, 7. Sepia Roses, 8. Baby Photos of the Mom & Dad, 9. Color Coordinated Baby

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Parking for this shindig was a non issue (Whew!) because it turned out to be a small, intimate get together with close friends instead of the large party I originally expected. But I feel good about how the house looked and I think we made it special for the parents. One of my favorite things about the day was getting to see them look at each others baby photos that I asked each of their mothers to send to me. I purchased some cute, baby themed clip frames and had them on display right at our front door. I also asked their moms to write a few words to their kids since they both live out of state and couldn't be at the shower - I imagine both letters will go in the baby's book. As far as music goes, our friends …

Party Animal:

A good time was had by all at the shower today. Zoe was quite entertaining and I'm damn proud of how the house looked and the food spread. More details and pictures tomorrow, but you should know - the kid.... she was dressed to coordinate with the decor. Oh, yes she was.

Dog Parenting

When we started telling people we were pregnant with Zoe, most people commented on how Bailey and Max wouldn't be our kids anymore. There were misunderstandings about gentleness, licking, boundaries, etc. Daniel and I watched Bailey and Max constantly and we were eager to have Zoe love them as much as we do. We may freak out if they bark too loud while she's sleeping, and we may not play fetch quite as often as Bailey would like... But they're still my kids. We refer to them as Zoe's sister and brother even if there was that short time that everyone had to learn to coexist peacefully, we've all adapted.

We just dropped my dog children off at their "Dog Hotel" so that they won't jump all over our guests and stress themselves out over all the activity in the house. I know that they will be fine, especially since they'll be sharing a run with each other and we'll be picking them up first thing Monday morning, but I miss them already. And like the…

Mama's Little Helper

Mama's Little Helper
Originally uploaded by KeelyE Zoe, AKA "Grabbie McGrabbersons" is very helpful with the shopping and the party planning.

To Do:

Make list for what needs to be cleaned.


Make list for what needs to be purchased.


Put plethora of baby paraphernalia away so that new baby paraphernalia can be unwrapped by guests of honor.

Decide where the food table is going to be. Or should I put it on the counter?
Oh, hell.

Remember: Party + Pregnant woman = Strong need for air conditioning and fans.

Figure out how to stop all of our neighbors on the block from parking in front of our house so that our guests have a place to park.

Choose music. What music should I play for a baby shower? This is going to bug me.

Check animals into dog hotel because they will wreak havoc otherwise.

Make sure camera battery is charged.

Try not to freak out.

Try not to drive husband crazy with my manic 'must make everything perfect' mode.


Wordless Wednesday:

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Party Plannin'

Please excuse the lack of wordy blogging. Daniel and I are in the process of getting ready for a baby shower honoring some very special friends of ours. In true Keely fashion, I am over stressing and perhaps even over planning this shindig because I want it to be a fun experience for them - they deserve it more than I can say. Each of them has been so supportive and loving towards us and our little girl, and we want to be able to do the same for them and their little boy on the way. To say I am excited about this Sunday and "Tank's" arrival (due May 29th) would be an understatement of great proportions.

In other news: Hair appointment is April 15th. We will be going red. Watch out: I plan on freaking out at least 3 times before then and waffling at least as many times, thankyouverymuch.