Hey, Red! No, Not you!

This is what told my lady I wanted:

Choices 3

I said I wanted my hair grow to the cut and that I wanted a cross between that red and this one.

This is what she gave me:

Do I look happy?

Oh, wait? Does that not look any different to you? Me either!


When I stand out in the sun you can definitely see something, but not enough.

New hair

I think the thing that gets me the most is that I was at the salon for almost five hours. I didn't eat all fricken day. And, oh, my favorite part: I paid more than twice the amount I normally do and that was enough as it is. We actually almost put me getting my hair done off because we're a little low on funds going into our trip to Texas, but I couldn't stand the idea of not doing something with myself. I hadn't had my hair colored since early February and the roots and gray hair were just too much for me to handle. Truth is, I feel my confidence falling when I don't feel like I look good.

New hair

So, my lady stripped the old color and then she stripped it again. My hair had a light brown caramel look to it and it looked sort of good. Then she added some red and I swear it was like she was putting dark brown on it again. So that's when I showed her a picture of The Fuzzball again. "This is the color I'm really looking for." She added A LOT of red and this is what we got:

New hair

It's not that the color isn't pretty, it's that I was looking for a obvious, striking change. I was looking for a new look. I wanted my hair lighter and red, instead of this burgundy look I'm sporting now. I built today up and was so excited and now, meh. It doesn't help that the bill was $185 before tip (the one I was too in shock to give).


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