Another Reason To Add To The List

Sometimes I get in a funk. When I get in those funks, I need to talk about it with Daniel even if it's just saying those words out loud:

I'm in a funk.
I feel like I'm a boring person.
I'm not everything I want to be.
I'm so happy being your wife, Zoe's mom, but sometimes I feel like that's all I am and I want to be more.
Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting peoples time with my blog because there is nothing terribly exciting or insightful about it.

I said at least half of these things to Daniel the other day and do you know what he did? He listened. He told me that I'm not a boring person and that I can be anything I want. He told me that I'm a wonderful mother. He told me it was OK to feel this way. And then he got a piece of paper and a pen and he wrote down a checklist of things we need to do to... well, to light a fire under my ass. He asked me what I want, what my interests were. We talked about how I can obtain those goals and what he could do to help me.

And the whole time I had this feeling that I could do anything that he wrote down on that paper. I also felt this overwhelming pride and love for this man sitting across from me being the best partner I could have ever imagined having. People like Daniel are not common in this world - they should be, but they’re just not. I count myself lucky that I have him to pull me out of my funk and you can bet I’ll be there for him when he slides into his funks. It’s what we do for each other – we listen and encourage and believe in each other’s dreams.

So, another reason to add to the list of reasons why I love my husband: He not only talks (really talks to me) to me, but he listens and encourages. He reminds me of who I am and what I am capable of when I forget. He sees in me what I am sometimes too blind or down on myself to see. I am so grateful.


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