Excuses, Excuses

So I missed blogging yesterday. It's the first day I've missed since when? November or something? Blog 365 allows for me to post date and still technically be a Blog 365-er, but I'm just not going to do it. Oh, I'll keep posting every day - but there are times where blogging just is not congruent with every single day. Leaving for the airport at 6am (Texas time) and flying all morning with a tired, cranky (but totally well behaved) 11 month old dis not make me want to write, it made me want to collapse. And then we got to San Diego and it was awfully hot and uncomfortable, but we were starving so we sat at a restaurant near the harbor waiting a freaking long time for our meal. And then we drove to my parents house (40 minutes from airport) to their home without central air which was quite the adjustment considering the house in San Antonio was so cool I slept in long sleeve pajamas and two blankets. And then Daniel and I decided we needed to go escape into a cool movie theater and immerse ourselves in a different world (Forbidden Kingdom - cheesy, but enjoyable especially when with someone who is so appreciative of movies like it.) And then we got back to my parents house and wrangled a tired, hungry baby until we got her to go to bed.

I looked at Daniel at about 10pm (which is midnight Texas time!) and said, "I'm done. I'm just not going to blog today and I don't care."

It was that kind of day. Not bad, just exhausting. Any words I might have typed probably would not have made sense. Come to think of it, I'm not entirely sure these words make sense!


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