The shower was a success

Baby Shower was a Success

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Parking for this shindig was a non issue (Whew!) because it turned out to be a small, intimate get together with close friends instead of the large party I originally expected. But I feel good about how the house looked and I think we made it special for the parents. One of my favorite things about the day was getting to see them look at each others baby photos that I asked each of their mothers to send to me. I purchased some cute, baby themed clip frames and had them on display right at our front door. I also asked their moms to write a few words to their kids since they both live out of state and couldn't be at the shower - I imagine both letters will go in the baby's book. As far as music goes, our friends are big theatre people, so we played some soundtracks: Chicago (where the dad is from) and Sunday in the Park With George ( a show that means a lot to the couple). Daniel chose the tunes while I was busy slicing cheese and I think his choices were perfect - they went with invitations that were printed to look like they were theatre or concert tickets. Since neither they or we are particularly fond of "shower games" I took Jenn's idea and bought some onesies to be decorated by the guests without any pressure. It would have been really awesome if I'd taken pictures of them, but I didn't. That's OK, what I really want is pictures of Tank (his nickname) in those onesies.

All in all, I've decided I'm not so bad at throwing a party. In fact, I'm sort of proud. And tired.

Of course, I don't have that much time to rest. We head to Texas in two weeks and there's a certain monkey turning one in May.


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