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Isn't She Lovely?

More pics and "the birth story" to follow soon. Thank you so much for all your well wishes. We are enjoying every second of being Zoe's parents.

She's Here!

I've got to make this short, but Zoe is here with us. Daniel and I tried to keep everyone updated through the process with text messages, my "What am I doing" link and with phone calls to friends and family.

I had a check up on Monday and our doc asked when I wanted to have the baby. I said today and laughed. He said if I was serious we could see if there was room at the birth center. Almost 48 hours later, Zoe arrived. There's a long detailed story that I'll tell someday, but for now I've got a baby that needs some loving.

Thank you all for your well wishes and support through all of this. I'll post some pics as soon as I get some energy... which will be soon, right? Ha.

Dress Rehearsal

So around 4pm today I had a very sharp pain in my lower belly. Zoe shook and kicked me something fierce and then I felt lots of pain all over. Little one stopped moving and I retired to our bed to try to relax and will the pain away. And then I waited for more movement from our little monkey, but she didn't budge. I turned this way and that and poked but she wasn't moving for me. I drank some juice and still no movement. I got in the shower and STILL no movement. I was still feeling pain and I was annoyed. Daniel had me call the doc. I told them I hadn't felt Zoe move for more than an hour, they told me to come into the birthing center.

"Right now?"
"Yes. Right now."
"You want me to come over right now? To the birthing center."
"OK. So right now, I should come to the birthing center?"
"Yes." Click.

Daniel had been ready. He had grabbed himself a soda and a water. He got my purse ready for me. He was all business…

Nope. Not yet.

We just got back from our doc appointment and without going into too much detail (you don't want details, seriously) "things" have not progressed since last Monday. Zoe is cozy and would probably like to stay put until about two weeks after my due date, but that's too bad. Because of the diabetes, there is medical cause for me to be induced before my due date. As tired and uncomfortable as I am, we're not doing this out of convenience. So, we have a check up on the 21st (Monday) and a scheduled inducement for Wednesday the 23rd. We won't know until that day what time we're going in and there is no way of knowing how long it will take... but she should be here sometime between Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

There. Now you know what we know. :)

Not Yet....

If it were possible for me to file an official request with Zoe for when labor should begin, I would request tomorrow at 4:05pm. I know, it’s a long shot, but I’m ready. Seriously ready - for this little one to make her entrance – or exit…. Whatever you want to call it.

Her room is officially ready:

(If you click on the individual pics that I used to make the collage you'll see which bloggers provided their photography, who sent the lovely blanket and who made that cool sock monkey. You'll also find other notes and bits of info.)

Today is the first day of my 38th week. The baby shower is tomorrow from 1-4pm. I’ve held out this long and frankly I’d like to get the show on the road. If her recent frequent movements are any inclination, I’d say she is too. I think she was either playing the drums or doing the Cha Cha for a good hour or so today while I tried to nap. FYI – It’s hard to nap when your belly is moving this way and that.

A friend asked me today how much more dilated I am …

Eviction Notice?

Hey everybody. Sorry the blogging has been lacking, I've been unmotivated lately.

Everything is going well though. I'm exhausted (wonder why) and feel ready for Zoe to be out. I'm less tempted to be running around doing stuff and have preferred to stay close to home and with the husband. I crave chocolate a lot, Mexican food less and need smaller meals because it just feels like there is no place to go. I feel like I'm just a big belly with legs and from people's recent reactions to me: "Oh, my! You're huge! When are you going to have it?!" - I think I'm right. Sometimes I'm tempted to lie and say I'm only 4 months pregnant. Sometimes I want to make a face at them and make them run away crying. Sometimes it is SO tempting to tell them I'm currently in labor, but I needed a snack. One of these days, I might just do one of those things and maybe they'll think twice before coming up to a complete stranger and commenting on their size.