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Soon is Right!

First of all, I want to thank you for your well wishes and welcome backs. Your comments made me feel missed - and meant a lot especially because I read all of your blogs regularly... even when I'm on hiatus. I may lurk, but I read and I discuss the things you blog about with Daniel like I'm discussing my "real life" friends.

Secondly, since a lot of you mentioned how soon Zoe will be here and Jen asked how excited or anxious I was, I thought I would address that. Here. Now.

As of today (well, in 2 hours) I am 32 weeks pregnant. I'm officially beginning the first day of my eighth month. I would have 57 days left of being pregnant if I were to carry for the full 40 weeks and give birth on May 25, 2007. I have all these little details emailed to me weekly and marked on my iCal in green for "medical". If you're one of my myspace pals, you'll see a countdown to this effect and a ticker as well. Right now it's ALL about how much time left before Zoe…

I'm Baack....

After 23 days away from blogging. Do I feel refreshed? Nah. Not really. But I did miss the blogging, so here I am.

What drove me away? A few things.

I was super tired. Being pregnant wears you out and I just wasn't in the mood to share stuff about me anymore.

We had a family emergency the morning I posted my hiatus blog. That was actually my main catalyst for taking a break. Blogging seemed meaningless compared to what we were dealing with – and I had (and still don’t) no intentions of sharing details of our emergency. Instead, I got into emergency mode. I ran around like a maniac trying to make travel arrangements to Texas, clean the house and pack. We had an OB/GYN appointment the following morning and were on a plane to San Antonio by 1pm. The circumstances for being in Texas were horrible, but it was great to be with Daniel’s side of the family after so long.

It was great until I got a bad case of the stomach flu or food poisoning and Daniel rushed me to the ER in Houston. I coul…


Wanted to do a quick post to let y'all know I'm takng a hiatus from blogging for a bit. Between just not being that into blogging right now, the upcoming arrival of Zoe, and recent events - this just isn't on my list of priorities. I'm not sure how long it will last. Maybe a week or so... maybe longer. Who knows?

What I will say is that everything is going great with my pregnancy. Daniel and I are happy and excited and eagerly awaiting the end of May and our little girl. We replaced the red sectional with a lovely leather sofa & loveseat. The dogs don't seem to have the inclination to want to dig or eat it away to nothing and it looks nice. I know I promised photos, eventually I'll post something.

Thanks for checking in on me and my blog. Thanks for all your kind words. I'll be back. Eventually.