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The Belly Shot

So, I'm giving in and giving you not just 1:

but 2 shots of me (and Daniel) in all my pregnant glory. :)

As you can see, we're both pretty darn happy. Aside from being exhausted from our day at the SD Zoo yesterday, I'm feeling great. 19 weeks down, 21 more to go!

Vacation Time

Greetings from San Diego! Daniel and I got to my parents house last Friday and have been having a nice time away from home. Regardless of the friends we've made in Bakersfield, it's always nice to escape to a new environment for a while. My parents left on Christmas Eve for their timeshare on Coronado, so we've had their house to ourselves for the past few days. Well, not really. We're sharing their house with their dog, Buffy, their African Grey, Palucci and our own dog children. So far we've just been relaxing. We went and saw Night at the Museum during the afternoon on Christmas Eve and had a nice dinner out. We've spent a lot of time in a local coffee house writing and relaxing. We cooked at home last night and plan on doing so for the next couple nights as well.

In between all our relaxing we've gone baby shopping with some of our Christmas money. We've decided on a crib and changing table in black. I've decided I don't need an ottoman to g…


So yesterday evening I asked Daniel if he had learned anything new about me from my post yesterday.

"I didn't know you lived in Bellevue, Washington."

And then my eyes popped open. "Because I didn't! I lived in Ballard, Washington...a neighborhood in Seattle!"

Ack! I felt like a big old liar, but I was too tired to go back and correct it on my post for yesterday. Also, I haven't found photographic evidence of my adult blondeness this is my lame excuse at still posting for you. You, my loyal non commenting readers. *Wink* Wink*

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Nanette tagged me, so here goes! Five things you may or may not know about me - depending on how long you've known me, whether or not you pay attention, etc.

1. I've moved around a lot since I was a little baby. Reno, Nevada. Bellevue, Washington. Various cities in California. Various cities in Illinois. Someday, we'll probably end up in Texas. While I don't have any complaints about all the moving, I do hope my kids can grow up in the same area. Plus, I'm tired of moving.

2. If you were looking at me right now, you'd be able to tell from my lovely roots, (that I haven't touched up since I was about 4 weeks pregnant) I was not born a brunette. I was actually quite the little blondie until I started dying my hair for shows in 8th grade.

When I was 22, I started going blonder again and eventually started to get gutsy. Well, gutsy for me. First I went really blonde on top/black underneath. Then I went all dark, dark brown. Then I added bright red streaks. If I w…

Yes, Honey

So, last night Daniel and I are eating our very low carb meal (more on that later) watching an episode from season one of Smallville ($15.99 at Costco!). We're entertained. I'm savoring every bit of rice I'm allowed to eat. The show is entertaining. We finish dinner and keep watching. Max jumps on my lap and leans against my belly (and Zoe) while he switches back and forth between staring longingly at my empty plate and tries to lick my face (for food remnants?). Clark and Lana are on Lana's front porch and Clark is just about to kiss Lana when her aunt comes out and sends him home. Score one for the aunt. Teenagers kissing on porches! Geez. As the future mother of a teenage girl, I cringe at the thought. We keep watching. Lana is waiting for Clark in the barn loft. They're going to watch the sunset together. They're supposed to be playing freshman, but the actors clearly look like seniors, at least. I mean, I know Clark is Superman...but the actor playing him …

Drumroll, Please

Even after me having a tiny cup of coffee this morning, Zocon was just not budging for the ultrasound tech, me, or Daniel. It seems our baby is a hard sleeper...and we're liking that just fine. :) After a whole lot of pushing and shaking by all of us, Zocon stretched the legs out straight and crossed them making it extrememly difficult to see what was what. When I saw the umbilical cord I mistook it for "something else" and was speechless for a moment or two since it was as long or longer than the legs. Luckily, the tech noted for us that we were seeing the umbilical cord. I don't know how they're able to distinguish everything so quickly. With a little more movement, we were finally able to see what we were there to see:

ZOCON is a Zoe! Zoe Angeline Emery.

We're having a girl and we are so excited! :)

The tech pointed out to Daniel that not only is she a heavy sleeper, (I just think she's stubborn like her mom) but she is also private and shy.

We were both…


In an effort to focus more on the positively wonderful things happening in our lives, Daniel and I have begun to seriously look at our options for Zocon's room. Cribs (convertable to toddler bed and full size). Changing tables. Gliders. Oh, my! We looked around a bit yesterday and found some nice options...less expensive options than the gorgeous, GORGEOUS crib we found at a local baby boutique for $599. The one we are so not getting because it's beyond our budget and the baby will probably grow up and hate it anyway.

So, today I surfed. I typed in 'baby furniture' in the good ol' Google and lists and lists of options appeared. My favorite of all of them was the Fantasy Crib. Not because I really want a fantasy crib for our baby, (I'm just not that frilly) but because the price of it sent me into hysterical laughter. Daniel and I scoff at $599 and there is actually a crib for the price of a car. And it doesn't even convert! Seriously, what is the world comin…

I Don't Get Some People

I don't get some people. And that's OK.

"We Are Family"

After dinner last night, Daniel and I set about on the hard task of continuing to combine the office and guest room into one. We decided the small bookcase we’d kept writing books in would become a bookcase for the baby’s books. The difficult part was, Daniel had to pack away some textbooks that he enjoyed having accessible at his whim, and he parted with a few paperbacks. We’re recognizing these adjustments as the small sacrifices we must make to make room for baby. As Daniel sorted and reorganized his books, I became absorbed in keepsakes from our past. Yearbooks. Wedding memories. Photo albums.

I was particularly swept up in a small purple album that I had put together not long after Nana had passed away. To me, the color purple will always be synonymous with my Nana. She looked beautiful in purple, and I think she knew it. Plus, she loved that book: ‘When I’m an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple’.

The pages of the purple photo album were filled with my family and Nana in her last days…

Broken Promises/Failed Tests

I know I promised you all a picture of our 'Charlie Brown' tree. It's coming, just not today. I struggled with the lighting in our living room last night when I tried to snap the photo and now I'm just not in the mood. Hey. It will give you something to look forward to. Um. Yeah.

I got a call from our OB/GYN office this afternoon informing me that I failed my glucose test. We had sort of prepared ourselves for this, but it's still kind of upsetting to me. I worry. I worry all the time, and this compounds that worry times ten. Daniel and I go back to the office tomorrow for a 3-hour Glucose test. I need to not have anything but water after 8 o'clock tonight to prepare for our 8 am testing. They'll take a fasting blood sample and then I'll drink a disgusting orange drink that does not taste like flat orange soda despite the lab techs urging. An hour later they will take more blood and then the hour after that...and the hour after that. Yep. You read that c…

Little Pleasures

I've been out of touch lately. It's true. Since the holiday, I've been taking it easy. Daniel and I have been enjoying our time away from rehearsals for a show and really enjoying this part of the pregnancy and each other. We've even gotten to socialize with our friends, which has been nice. We love theatre, but there are so many other things we'd like to be able to do as well. I thought I'd try to bring you all up to speed on a few things and tell you about some things that have been occupying our last couple weeks.

Daniel and I went to the mall two days after Thanksgiving to have our iMacs* looked at. Mine was especially wonky and was highlighting things I'd typed if I touched anything other than the keyboard and then would erase my words. It was doing this paragraphs at a time and driving me nuts. Blogging had been a chore with this impairment. Turned out the wait time to have a "Genius" look at our laptops was just over two hours, so Daniel and…