Broken Promises/Failed Tests

I know I promised you all a picture of our 'Charlie Brown' tree. It's coming, just not today. I struggled with the lighting in our living room last night when I tried to snap the photo and now I'm just not in the mood. Hey. It will give you something to look forward to. Um. Yeah.

I got a call from our OB/GYN office this afternoon informing me that I failed my glucose test. We had sort of prepared ourselves for this, but it's still kind of upsetting to me. I worry. I worry all the time, and this compounds that worry times ten. Daniel and I go back to the office tomorrow for a 3-hour Glucose test. I need to not have anything but water after 8 o'clock tonight to prepare for our 8 am testing. They'll take a fasting blood sample and then I'll drink a disgusting orange drink that does not taste like flat orange soda despite the lab techs urging. An hour later they will take more blood and then the hour after that...and the hour after that. Yep. You read that correctly: 4 blood draws in the span of three hours. I'm not especially looking forward to this. Thank goodness Daniel will be with me.

Before this whole baby adventure, I was quite the baby about getting poked with a needle. Having an IV put in, or blood drawn are two of my least favorite things ever. Ever! But, I've been sucking it up and being a big girl...for Zocon's sake. And I'm happy to do it. I mean, when all is said and done... we get a BABY! I've learned to look away and just keep breathing and it's usually over before I know it. Tomorrow is going to be a big test for me as far as how much I've grown up. This may sound silly, but I so want a treat afterwards. Like dinner and a movie...or a new CD and a new DVD. Hmmm. I want a prize for every vial of blood they take. Oooh. That would be kind of cool.

Anyway. Wish me luck. I have a feeling the results are going to tell us I have gestational diabetes. No biggie. It happens to a lot of pregnant women. We'll just have to monitor me and I'll meet with someone who is a diabetes expert and they will help me with my nutrition. Oy.


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