A Story...

Last year, just because, Daniel ordered me a surprise. The moment I saw the shape of the box I had an idea what it was. I opened the box excited to see what new vinyl my husband thought I would enjoy. 


Hmm. I do not know this Keb Mo. I wonder why Daniel sent me this. Let me just flip it over and read the song titles and see if he is trying to send me a message: 

The Worst Is Yet To Come 
Somebody Hurt You 
Do It Right 
I'm Gonna Be Your Man 
For Better Or Worse 
That's Alright 
The Old Me Better 
More For Your Money 
So Long Goodbye 

Ummmmm. Sooooo? I....

So I sent him a text. I can't remember what It said, but I think I asked him if everything was alright and I think he said something that indicated it was and why, so I said I just got my Amazon package... If I remember correctly, he sent back a smiley face and asked me if I liked it. Ummm... yes... So I listed a few of the songs and he asked me what they were and long story short, it was the wrong album.

He was trying to send me a classic Heart album. 

Amazon thought I needed that one instead.

So he let them know about the error and a few days later, my Heart album arrived.

Nope. Same album. Keb' Mo'. BluesAmericana. Yay!

Daniel again filled out the form indicating we'd received the wrong vinyl. If memory serves, they sent me at least one more of the same Keb' Mo' album before someone in the fulfillment department made the call that there was something wrong and they couldn't send me that classic Heart album after all.

It's one of our "Remember that time I tried to do something nice and it all went wrong?" stories. We have a few that we laugh about...

Anyway. Fast forward to today and me working on a "November Playlist" for our family. I've decided I'm not going to rush to December too much and we are going to start some new traditions here, like listening to songs about gratitude, friendship, love, home, etc. So I'm searching my library and then searching on iTunes, building my "Give Thanks" playlist and I come across this song:

"Life is Beautiful"

And I love it. It's really beautiful and it makes my heart happy and I move it to the #1 spot because I love it so and...

And it's Keb' Mo'.

You guys! I love Keb' Mo'!


Annika said…
Of course you love Keb' Mo'! You have like four of their vinyls!

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