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More Thanks

I’d blame the hormones, but I’m pretty much always this way…I thought today would be a good day to share some things I am thankful for.

I’m thankful for….

Daniel. He is an amazing husband, and my best friend. The first time I saw him and he smiled at me, I knew I wanted to know him. The first chance I had to actually sit and talk to him, I knew that he was someone I would always want to be a part of my life. His smile is my favorite sight. His support is unwavering and complete. He is my partner in every sense. We’re lucky to have found each other.

Mom & Dad. Not many people can say that their parents are also their friends. They raised me to be strong and to have a sense of humor. They’ve encouraged me in whatever endeavor I have chosen to give my time to. They’re fun people, and I admire them immensely. It’s nice to know that they are always just a phone call away.

Nana. Even though she’s been gone for almost a year now (on November 30th) she is with me every single day. I’m thank…


"This is my wife, Keely. She's pregnant and having trouble breathing."

These words came out of Daniel's mouth (quite calmly, I must say) at 1a.m. Sunday, in the ER near our house.

But let me back up a little:

Saturday night had been busy. We got to the theatre at six to eat an early dinner. Daniel's call time was 6:45 and we like to get to the theatre early so he can be relaxed before having to be on stage all night without a break. I gave the actors their photo CD's filled with the best 162 out of 300 photos I took during their dress rehearsals. I goofed around with my friends in the cast. I sat in the lobby talking with friends and blushing a little when they noticed that the preggo belly is starting to become visible. I was complimented on how healthy and happy I looked. I stocked up on snacks and drinks and headed up to the tech booth to watch the show. "Assassins" is a two-hour plus show with no intermission, so the tech booth became my favorite p…

Random Saturday

Daniel has his last performance of "Assassins" tonight, a strike of the set afterwards and then...then our nights and weekends are free! a cell phone plan.There's been a lot of drama (that crappy kind) that we've been dealing with lately and we're done. While it's not completely within our control, Daniel and I have decided to try to eliminate unnecessary stress where ever we can. This includes (but isn't limited to) too many time commitments, and interacting with people who seem to relish in conflict. Life is too short, and we've got better things to do with our time.Like take Max to the dog park. We're leaving Bailey at home tomorrow and going for a "Pug Meet up" at one of the local dog parks. We think the interaction with other pugs (without his overbearing sister) will be good for Max and I feel like it will be good for our morale to see cute, fat pugs frolicking in the grass. I love puppies.I've found a OB/GYN. A coupl…


So, I woke up yesterday with some extreme back pain in my shoulder area. At first it was a constant dull ache, but as the day progressed the pain became shooting. It hurt to raise my arm and there were many points where I yelped out in pain. At bed time, Daniel helped me by surrounding me with pillows - in front of my stomach, behind my back, between my knees. I was a pillow taco. Hmmm. That's a weird phrase I will try never to use again. Anyway, I woke up this morning and the pain had not magically disappeared so Daniel called and made me an appointment for a prenatal massage for this afternoon.

Now I've never had a full blown massage before so I didn't know what to expect, really. I expected dim lights, pleasant scents, (I was hoping for lavender)and relaxing music. I thought there might even be a rock fountain, but I was hoping not because the sound of water would probably make me think I had to pee constantly. I thought I would lay on the table and close my eyes. I worr…

Not So Long Ago

This photo was taken in February 2001 of the cast of the cast of “Commedia del Arte”. For those of you who know us (or have been reading this blog for a while) the show title may sound familiar. Daniel and I “officially” met and started dating during rehearsals for this production. Notice Daniel (in the navy blue tunic) with short hair. Notice me (in the red corset) trying (and perhaps succeeding) to look like a tart – it was my character. Oh, time…how it does fly. Our younger selves never would have imagined we’d be on our way to being parents four years after this photo was taken.

Anywho. That’s all I got for you today. Hey, two posts in two days…not bad. I wanted you to know I didn’t get lost in the abyss of the office. There’s a ton to do still, but I certainly got a lot done. Stay tuned for more words tomorrow, maybe.

Checking In

Before I sequester myself in our extremely unorganized and cluttered office, I thought I would check in. Part of me thinks it's important to post a message so you all know where I am just in case I get sucked into the abyss/mess that the room has become. I've got art and photography supplies and miscellaneous office stuff piled up on the table, a filing cabinet that is a mess and a closet full of clothes that Daniel and I have barely glanced at in almost four years. In the months that have gone by my answer to this dilemma has been to just keep the door shut and stay out of there as much as possible, but things....they are a changin'. I've decided it's time to sift through the mess and clear the room out for Zocon. I know, I'm only 12 weeks 4 days into my pregnancy, but I like to get things done early and the disorganization is like a thorn in my side. Plus, I've been moving a little slower than usual lately and I feel like there is a plethora (I LOVE that …

Nutshells & Tangent

So, I've been "Slacker Blogger" as of late. I know, I know....I get pregnant and then I ignore my blog. What is this world coming to? The important thing to remember is : I haven't been ignoring your blogs - even if I have sort of been lurking and not leaving you comment love. I feel bad about the whole thing, really. Mainly, I feel bad about ignoring one of my best outlets...but I'm going to try to be better about that...from now on.

What have I been doing? Oh, you know....

Supporting my husband and the musical he is performing in (Assassins) by going to every performance for the last two weeks (except last Sunday's matinee - I wasn't feeling well).

Watching three days of rehearsal so that I would know the show and lighting for when I photographed 2 days of dress rehearsals. The photos turned out awesome, all 200 of them.

Talking to my parents nearly every other day.

Getting over morning sickness and embracing my need for very small meals 10 times a day. OK, …