More Thanks

I’d blame the hormones, but I’m pretty much always this way…I thought today would be a good day to share some things I am thankful for.

I’m thankful for….

Daniel. He is an amazing husband, and my best friend. The first time I saw him and he smiled at me, I knew I wanted to know him. The first chance I had to actually sit and talk to him, I knew that he was someone I would always want to be a part of my life. His smile is my favorite sight. His support is unwavering and complete. He is my partner in every sense. We’re lucky to have found each other.

Mom & Dad. Not many people can say that their parents are also their friends. They raised me to be strong and to have a sense of humor. They’ve encouraged me in whatever endeavor I have chosen to give my time to. They’re fun people, and I admire them immensely. It’s nice to know that they are always just a phone call away.

Nana. Even though she’s been gone for almost a year now (on November 30th) she is with me every single day. I’m thankful for getting to be there with her when she needed me to be. I’m thankful for all the stories. I’m thankful that Daniel and I got to take her to lunch and talk to her about us wanting to have children and how she comforted and assured me we would. Nana knew the names we had picked out for our first and second children. She gave us input and approved – it helps to have that memory since I can’t have her here. Nana is someone I still look to for guidance. Whenever I get scared that I might not be a good mom, I think about my mom…and I think about Nana and how she raised five children (sometimes with her husband overseas) and was such an intricate part of 15 grandchildren’s lives.

Daniel’s parents. It’s one thing to have a good, strong relationship with your own parents…but to truly enjoy and like your in-laws. Well, I hear that’s not so common. Some people might say it’s unusual that I actually look forward to them visiting, but we always have so much fun together. I’ll never forget staying with them when Daniel went away for the weekend. Or when Daniel was late getting back from his bachelor weekend and his mom made me snacks, gave me beer and scolded him for his inconsideration. I love that I feel so comfortable with them and I really love that they get along so well with my family. It makes things even more enjoyable for Daniel and I to have that.

My friends. Alison. Sharon. Mel. I could tell these ladies just about anything. Each of them is very different from the other, but they all are such an important part of my life. Their friendship and support are part of my glue and I appreciate them more than they probably know.

Our new friends. There was a time when Daniel and I felt like all we had was each other. We hated Bakersfield and didn’t feel a connection to the people here. That has changed in the past year or so. We’ve met some amazing people who have shared in our happiness and contributed to it immensely. They make Bakersfield a better place.

Our fertility doctor – “Doc B” and fertility treatments. The first day we met with Doc B, he made it clear that there was nothing wrong with me and that I would get pregnant and soon. I had never miscarried, everything was in the right places and I was in good condition to carry a baby to full term. I was young and healthy. I just needed some extra nudging with the help of some medication to get everything on the right track. His reassurance took a load of my shoulders and I was able to relax somewhat. We’re now told that it is very likely that we won’t need any help in conceiving our next child.

Theatre. Daniel and I are taking some time off from theatre for a while, but this past year our involvement with the theatre community has been so important to us. We found new friendships, had a lot of laughs and it allowed us to focus our energy on something positive and rewarding. Doing a show kept me from dwelling on losing Nana and becoming obsessed with not being able to conceive as quickly as I had hoped. Even though our focus needs to be on Zocon for a bit, we will always be involved in some capacity.

My photography. It’s become something I am addicted to. The enjoyment I get out of taking photographs keeps me young and feeling creative. I’ve especially enjoyed getting to meld two of my favorite things together: Theatre and Photography. I hope the upcoming year will bring more experimentation and growth.

There are hundreds more things I am thankful for, I’m sure. I’d love to keep this going, but I’ve got stuff to do before we drive to San Diego later today. I have a load of laundry to do, then a trip to Target and then an hour orientation at our new OB/GYN. ACK!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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