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I'm Good Now*

So, today has been considerably better than yesterday. I'm still tired, but at the same time refreshed.

I got up and went for a Razzmatazz at Jamba Juice (with femme boost for Zocon) and then went and got my hair cut. Nothing exciting, just an inch off the bottom and my bangs trimmed up again. I was supposed to be having my roots covered, but I'm going to try to hold out until my second trimester (like, the first day of) to add more color. I'm not worried about dark dye hurting Zocon. According to my doc there is no danger because Mercury is not in the dye anymore. I heard the color stays longer once you've gotten past the first few months. This could all be propaganda, but we could stand to save the money.

After my hair appointment (wherein she tried to pressure me at least three times to just let her dye it today) I walked around the outdoor shopping area a bit and then called Daniel. He came and met me for a nice lunch. We sat on the patio, ate chips and salsa and en…

I'm Just Cranky

So, Baby "Zocon" is throwing me for a loop this week. I'm moody and more tired than I was last week. I get cranky very easily and just about everything sets me off into tears. There are moments where I think I should just lock myself up in the house until the second trimester (I hear things settle down then). Don't get me wrong, I'm happy. I am so excited to be pregnant and to have this baby...but I'm not having an easy time of it. At all. If one more person tells me they "never had morning sickness", I think I might scream. Really, I'm happy for them but can we not rub it into the lady suppressing the need to go get sick? That would be great.

I feel guilty for complaining. I worry that my venting will be construed as not being grateful or happy. I'm happy. I'm grateful. It's just...well, my boobs hurt (and itch) and I feel so nauseated all the time. Heartburn sucks and watching movie trailers should not make me burst into sobs. Also,…

She Works Hard For The... Pizza

Generally speaking, I've been eating healthy since finding out about the pregnancy. It's been kind of easy when I naturally seem to crave things like fruit and vegetables. Occasionally, I feel the need for something else. Like my peanut butter, raspberry jelly and cheddar cheese sandwiches. Or, Doritos! Usually though, it's something far better for me (and the baby)like a baked potato or chicken.

This morning, I woke up wanting pizza. Pizza with mushrooms and olives, from Domino's. If I could have had it my way I would have loved to have some deep dished pizza from Gino's East in Chicago with hot giardiniera on top, (YUM!) but you know...distance was an issue. Domino's is convenient, fast and I dialed the number around 12:30.

I was told the delivery would take 45 minutes so I read more blogs. I found a blogger in NY who is also pregnant and due the day before I emailed her. I got myself a big glass of water. I relished the fact that I wasn'…

We're Back*

And when I say "we", I'm not kidding.

Daniel and I are going to have a baby! We knew when I did my last post, but we decided we wanted to wait until we saw the heartbeat before we released the news to the masses. This was my main reason for a brief hiatus. I didn't think I'd be able to resist blogging about our news if I continued posting daily. I've come to see that in regards to my pregnancy, I am horrible at keeping secrets. I know a lot of people keep the news to themselves until they reach the second trimester, but we're of the mind that we would rather people know what we were going through and have them to lean on instead of having to explain later why we are sad. It's a personal choice, and this decision feels right for us.

Not posting for so long has not been easy. So much has happened that I wanted to tell you all about. I got really sick (viral/sinus infection) and missed a weekend of "The Full Monty" performances...and there were t…