She Works Hard For The... Pizza

Generally speaking, I've been eating healthy since finding out about the pregnancy. It's been kind of easy when I naturally seem to crave things like fruit and vegetables. Occasionally, I feel the need for something else. Like my peanut butter, raspberry jelly and cheddar cheese sandwiches. Or, Doritos! Usually though, it's something far better for me (and the baby)like a baked potato or chicken.

This morning, I woke up wanting pizza. Pizza with mushrooms and olives, from Domino's. If I could have had it my way I would have loved to have some deep dished pizza from Gino's East in Chicago with hot giardiniera on top, (YUM!) but you know...distance was an issue. Domino's is convenient, fast and I dialed the number around 12:30.

I was told the delivery would take 45 minutes so I read more blogs. I found a blogger in NY who is also pregnant and due the day before I emailed her. I got myself a big glass of water. I relished the fact that I wasn't feeling ill. And then there was a knock at my door. Only 20 minutes had passed. I hadn't put a bra on! (I know, you're pretty much supposed to wear a bra 24 hours a day when you're pregnant. Ssh.) I was barefoot (insert pun here). I looked like a woman who had only gotten 4 good hours of sleep. I was going to scare the delivery guy!

I cracked the door open and told him I was just going to put the dogs away really fast...and then it happened. Bailey casually walked outside, jumped at the guys legs and then ran away. I yelled at her to stop when Max squeezed his fat little body through my legs and went barreling after her. They swerved back and forth across our lawn. Freedom! While I'm yelling, the pizza guy is shoving the receipt in my face for me to sign and handing me the pizza. He had places to go, he wasn't volunteering to help chase two dogs. Damn him. In a last ditch effort, I yelled to the ruffians: "Look guys, pizza! Food!" They didn't care, they had exploring to do.

So I set the pizza down on our porch and went running down the stairs. Pregnant. Braless. Shoeless. And then I started feeling just a little nauseated. I caught Max two doors down and swept him up into my left arm like a football. Bailey was on the move and fast. It was like she needed to smell everything, and quickly. Max started slipping from my grasp and I was ready to just let him go and go back in the house whether they followed or not. Screw it. I was feeling lousy and these dogs were ruining my pizza plans! I don't know if Bailey got bored with the events, (or if I scared her with the wild look in my eye)but she froze in her tracks and I hooked her collar with my finger. I put Max on the ground and hooked his collar as well. Quickly, the three of us walked. Max huffed. Bailey snorted. My feet were muddy.

Once dogs, pizza and I were safe in the house, I dropped on the couch. I pulled myself together, waited for the nausea to subside and opened the pizza box. Mushrooms. Olives. I thought I'd devour it. And I did. Two pieces and I was done. I had been starving! All that for two slices of pizza. The things I do for a craving.


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