Random Saturday

Going In for the nectar

  • Daniel has his last performance of "Assassins" tonight, a strike of the set afterwards and then...then our nights and weekends are free! Ha...like a cell phone plan.
  • There's been a lot of drama (that crappy kind) that we've been dealing with lately and we're done. While it's not completely within our control, Daniel and I have decided to try to eliminate unnecessary stress where ever we can. This includes (but isn't limited to) too many time commitments, and interacting with people who seem to relish in conflict. Life is too short, and we've got better things to do with our time.
Garden pooch
  • Like take Max to the dog park. We're leaving Bailey at home tomorrow and going for a "Pug Meet up" at one of the local dog parks. We think the interaction with other pugs (without his overbearing sister) will be good for Max and I feel like it will be good for our morale to see cute, fat pugs frolicking in the grass. I love puppies.
  • I've found a OB/GYN. A couple whose temperament matches ours recommended him to us and we trust their judgement. On the website for the office, there is a quote from the doc that his "favorite thing to do is catching babies." I'm pretty sure we're going to like this guy.
  • I need to cancel the "Meet and Greet" with the other doc. I'm sort of relieved. The only thing I could think to ask him was: "Know any good jokes?" and "Do you normally close the door during a procedure?"
  • This Wednesday is "Orientation Day" at the OB/GYN's office. I'll fill out paperwork, find out about the services they have to offer (like prenatal massages and 4D Ultrasounds) and come up with a payment plan for the actual birth. It only takes an hour - the orientation, not the birth.
  • Later on Wednesday, Daniel and I are packing the Prius up with Bailey and Max in tow and heading to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my parents. I'm excited to be out of Bakersfield. I'm excited for a change of pace. I'm looking forward to a turkey dinner and the leftovers that will follow.
  • Every year I am extremely thankful for my friends and family and all the amazing things that have happened and the lessons learned, etc. This year I feel elated. We've got a lot to be thankful for.
  • This is my family's first Thanksgiving without Nana. I think it's going to be a little hard on everyone.
  • I am officially in the last week of my first trimester. I hear the second trimester is wonderful. I'm just happy to have come this far and that the percentages of miscarriages drops considerably once you enter the 14th week.
  • When we arrive in San Diego, there is supposed to be a box full of maternity clothes (that my parents ordered me) to get me through the next six months. I'm excited to not have to wear the same preggo jeans everyday anymore. My mom left a message on my cell that I should just bring underwear and whatever I wear for the trip, but I'm bringing a few extra things just in case the box doesn't arrive.

I may post again before Thanksgiving, I may not. We'll see.

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