Vacation Time

Greetings from San Diego! Daniel and I got to my parents house last Friday and have been having a nice time away from home. Regardless of the friends we've made in Bakersfield, it's always nice to escape to a new environment for a while. My parents left on Christmas Eve for their timeshare on Coronado, so we've had their house to ourselves for the past few days. Well, not really. We're sharing their house with their dog, Buffy, their African Grey, Palucci and our own dog children. So far we've just been relaxing. We went and saw Night at the Museum during the afternoon on Christmas Eve and had a nice dinner out. We've spent a lot of time in a local coffee house writing and relaxing. We cooked at home last night and plan on doing so for the next couple nights as well.

In between all our relaxing we've gone baby shopping with some of our Christmas money. We've decided on a crib and changing table in black. I've decided I don't need an ottoman to go with the glider we plan on getting. We spent $18 on four big butterflies (in fuchsia, purple, chartreuse and blue) to hang on the walls and from the ceiling. I just put a 1/3 down on an inexpensive (but adorable) crib bedding set that Daniel and I both really like. It's girlie without being over the top...and it goes with the butterflies. The colors are lavender, plum, white and lime green with butterflies and flowers. I'm very happy to have found it because we've been sort of difficult to please when it comes to bedding. Neither of us is a huge fan of pink, and every infant bedding place seems to think pink is the best color to use. OY. Watch, the ultrasound tech was wrong and we're really having a boy! We'll still be thrilled and I made sure the bedding we're getting is exchangeable just in case.

But enough about baby stuff... for now.

We have two more nights of staying at my parent’s house and then we'll switch places with them and stay in their timeshare on Friday and Saturday nights. Our gift to them this year was a day at the Zoo, (they want experiences, not objects) so that's what we're all doing on Friday. We'll probably spend Saturday in the city and then head back to my parents house Sunday afternoon to celebrate New Years (and Daniel's birthday) with my dad while my mom works. I'll be sad to get back on the road Monday - back to real life and the end of our little getaway.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a safe and fun New Years Eve! I’ll be back to regular blogging next Tuesday.


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