Yes, Honey

So, last night Daniel and I are eating our very low carb meal (more on that later) watching an episode from season one of Smallville ($15.99 at Costco!). We're entertained. I'm savoring every bit of rice I'm allowed to eat. The show is entertaining. We finish dinner and keep watching. Max jumps on my lap and leans against my belly (and Zoe) while he switches back and forth between staring longingly at my empty plate and tries to lick my face (for food remnants?). Clark and Lana are on Lana's front porch and Clark is just about to kiss Lana when her aunt comes out and sends him home. Score one for the aunt. Teenagers kissing on porches! Geez. As the future mother of a teenage girl, I cringe at the thought. We keep watching. Lana is waiting for Clark in the barn loft. They're going to watch the sunset together. They're supposed to be playing freshman, but the actors clearly look like seniors, at least. I mean, I know Clark is Superman...but the actor playing him is not 13 or 14 years old and either is the girl playing Lana. Come on!

The idea of canoodling on front porches and inside barn lofts is too much for me. I start imagining our Zoe as a little freshman doing the same thing. Ack!

"When Zoe has a 'friend' over, I need for you to be in the way and just try to lick that 'friend' as much as possible"

Max gives me a look like he knows exactly what I'm talking about and Duh! What else would he do? He loves licking people’s faces!

There’s a pause as Daniel stares at me for a couple seconds.

"Oh, you mean Max?"
'Yes, honey. I mean Max. It would be awfully strange if you went and licked one of Zoe's friends! Her social life would never be the same."

We laugh. Daniel acts likes he's interupting Zoe and 'friend' and starts licking the air.

Clearly, we both have some parenting issues to work through. At least we have a few years before we have to be concerned about her dating.


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