Drumroll, Please

Even after me having a tiny cup of coffee this morning, Zocon was just not budging for the ultrasound tech, me, or Daniel. It seems our baby is a hard sleeper...and we're liking that just fine. :) After a whole lot of pushing and shaking by all of us, Zocon stretched the legs out straight and crossed them making it extrememly difficult to see what was what. When I saw the umbilical cord I mistook it for "something else" and was speechless for a moment or two since it was as long or longer than the legs. Luckily, the tech noted for us that we were seeing the umbilical cord. I don't know how they're able to distinguish everything so quickly. With a little more movement, we were finally able to see what we were there to see:

ZOCON is a Zoe! Zoe Angeline Emery.

We're having a girl and we are so excited! :)

The tech pointed out to Daniel that not only is she a heavy sleeper, (I just think she's stubborn like her mom) but she is also private and shy.

We were both pretty certain we were having a boy. My dreams had been 50/50, but in the past couple days I'd been saying 'he' and 'him' a lot when referring to Zocon. After spending some time online searching for crib bedding and only really seeing girl stuff that I liked, we starting thinking it had to be a boy. Murphy's Law, you know. But we were wrong.

Daniel wants to start writing stories for Zoe featuring her as the main character ( a la The Diamond Age). This makes me immensely happy. He's also stated he gets the want for a little bit of pink, but is wanting us to lean more towards "Warrior Princess" instead of just "Princess" - meaning strong, independent girl. I can't imagine her as anything else. :)


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