Soon is Right!

First of all, I want to thank you for your well wishes and welcome backs. Your comments made me feel missed - and meant a lot especially because I read all of your blogs regularly... even when I'm on hiatus. I may lurk, but I read and I discuss the things you blog about with Daniel like I'm discussing my "real life" friends.

Secondly, since a lot of you mentioned how soon Zoe will be here and Jen asked how excited or anxious I was, I thought I would address that. Here. Now.

As of today (well, in 2 hours) I am 32 weeks pregnant. I'm officially beginning the first day of my eighth month. I would have 57 days left of being pregnant if I were to carry for the full 40 weeks and give birth on May 25, 2007. I have all these little details emailed to me weekly and marked on my iCal in green for "medical". If you're one of my myspace pals, you'll see a countdown to this effect and a ticker as well. Right now it's ALL about how much time left before Zoe makes her debut. How much time left before it's too late to get everything done and we are in the middle of being parents.

The day we left for San Antonio, our OB/GYN told Daniel and me that he plans to induce me early because of my Gestational Diabetes and my current use of insulin to keep it under control. I've been doing really well controlling it with diet and exercise, but as the pregnancy moves forward and my hormones increase it becomes necessary to add in a little bit of insulin. I'm giving myself 7mg (in my belly) every night before bed. Anywho.... the whole inducing thing makes me a little nervous. We were so wrapped up in our family emergency and our travel plans that we didn't really ask any questions about when or what that meant as far as me and Zoe are concerned. I automatically assumed it would be sometime after 35 weeks and then read somewhere it's usually after 37 weeks. For all we know it could only be a week early. Regardless, time is ticking and we'll have our Zoe in less than 8 weeks.

We're both very, very excited. We're looking forward to being parents. We can't wait to see her and to hold her and have her in our lives. We talk a lot about how we want to raise her and all the things we want to teach her and experience with her. We have friends (and complete strangers) who tell us to enjoy our freedom while we have it - and we have been, but we're thrilled to have this new addition coming into our lives. We're not concerned with going out less for dinner and movies, etc because we think we'll be able to handle it. We'll find a happy medium... and hopefully all those friends and family who have volunteered to baby-sit won't take back their promises when we need to escape for an hour or so.

I'm starting to feel really anxious about the labor and delivery. I'm not freaked out about having Zoe in our house and being responsible for her... it's everything that happens in the hospital. I've had my share of procedures and drama in hospitals, but what we're getting ready for is not like anything I have ever been through. I'm hoping she's not a huge baby. I'm hoping she gets herself turned the right way. I have anxiety dreams where I am in labor for days and days.

Last night I dreamt that the labor went by very quickly and I only had to push once, but Zoe turned out to be a Connor and he came out wearing glasses and looking like an old man. He had dark hair that was receding and a big ol' bald spot on the back of his head. When the doc placed him on my chest, he sat up on his legs sort of like Bailey does and was very close in size to her. It freaked me out, but I loved him completely. And then I started stressing about needing to redo the nursery.

We're taking Lamaze classes, and while very informative... they tend to feed my overactive imagination even as they answer all these questions I've had. The teacher is quite the character. I'll have to tell you about her later.

Daniel, of course has been amazing through all of this. He's completely supportive and puts my fears at ease when I tell him I'm afraid of actually delivering her. He's a great coach and never complains about the time commitment of all these classes I've enrolled us in. He’s also a fun person to vent with about our kooky teacher. I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else. Zoe and I are extremely lucky.


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