Dress Rehearsal

So around 4pm today I had a very sharp pain in my lower belly. Zoe shook and kicked me something fierce and then I felt lots of pain all over. Little one stopped moving and I retired to our bed to try to relax and will the pain away. And then I waited for more movement from our little monkey, but she didn't budge. I turned this way and that and poked but she wasn't moving for me. I drank some juice and still no movement. I got in the shower and STILL no movement. I was still feeling pain and I was annoyed. Daniel had me call the doc. I told them I hadn't felt Zoe move for more than an hour, they told me to come into the birthing center.

"Right now?"
"Yes. Right now."
"You want me to come over right now? To the birthing center."
"OK. So right now, I should come to the birthing center?"
"Yes." Click.

Daniel had been ready. He had grabbed himself a soda and a water. He got my purse ready for me. He was all business. Get the wife to the hospital.

I apologized to Daniel on the way there. I apologized to the nurse that got us situated in the room. I felt like I was being a problem. I didn't want to put anyone out. I explained to the nurse that Zoe does this sometimes. She likes to freak me out and then do a little dance. She's my little practical joker. I'm still totally ready to hear I gave birth to a son instead... the prankster.

Being in the room was sort of strange. It was like our dress rehearsal or something. I had my costume. My props. The cast was all there and knew their lines, but I was sort of winging it. The lighting sort of sucked and I'd totally redesign the set, but whatever. Daniel and I asked a lot of questions and we really liked our nurse. Apparently, she's on duty Wednesday so I'm hoping we get her again. She made us feel comfortable and she seemed to really like her job. Daniel helped her with the monitor and she kept telling him he could be a nurse. When we laughed, she told us she was serious - they need more nurses and he was doing a good job. Good to know he has something else to fall back on if need be.

Anywho. The doc on call came in to talk to us and see me for himself. He gave me some tips. He was nice, but not as much of a people person as our doc. I wanted to make him feel comfortable. I wanted to apologize to him too, but I didn't. I signed some papers and they told me to not hesitate to call if something else came up.

I got dressed. I pulled my hair back up into the clips I had to take out because they were pushing against my head when I was in the hospital bed. And then I had to nudge Daniel to leave with me. He got sucked into a CSI episode. I said it was a bummer we hadn't come later so we could watch Grey's Anatomy. He nodded, smiled and kept watching the show. I told him it was time to go and when that didn't work I told him I was not sticking around fifteen minutes to see the conclusion of the show - we'd have plenty of time in a hospital room very soon. This snapped him out of it and we were on our way. We ate at Que Pasa and were content knowing that everything was fine... just a false alarm. Oh, baby.


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