Reason #46* Texas is so great:

From an actual conversation this evening while Daniel was eating venison sausage:

Daniel - "You can't get sausage like this in California."
His Dad - "Really."
Daniel - "They really just have Italian sausage."
His Dad - "Huh."
Daniel - "And here you can get it anywhere. Gas stations even carry it."
Me - "Grreaat."
Daniel - "Its true. You can get it anywhere here.
Me - "Dentist offices even. Dr. Ross (a close family friend of Daniel's family who I've only seen a handful of times) sells it in his waiting room."
Daniel - "Really?"
Me - "No! How would I, why would I even know that if that were true?!"

I can be so sarcastic. He can be so gullible. We're perfect for each other.

In other Texas news:
I just don't see what the big deal is about Blue Bell ice cream. Tastes just like every other ice cream to me! Also, if its so darn great, why can't it be purchased elsewhere? Seems like an exaggeration to me. Discuss.

* I haven't actually come up with reasons 1-45, but I do sort of love Texas (at least, San Antonio and Austin).


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