Sick, but Cute

Zoe now...

... rolls her hands when we say "Roll 'em and roll 'em!'
... pats her hands on her lap, legs and every other flat surface when we say "Pat, pat, pat."
... furniture walks.
... crawls.
... throws her hands in the air when we say "Wooooo!"****
... laughs hysterical belly laughs when we say "VIGGO!" in a funny voice.

The 105 fever she's had for most of today has finally broke to 100 (still a fever, but so much better). Her parents are exhausted from this. I had thought that maybe her getting sick would be easier to deal with the older she gets, but I was wrong. Seeing your child feel bad is one of the hardest things you will ever have to go through. Lucky for us she's on the mend and still has the sweetest disposition ever.



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