Zoe is teething right now. Like, really teething. For a little while she's been sporting the beginnings of her left and right incisors and her bottom two middle teeth, but now the top two middle teeth are coming in. She wants to gnaw on anything she can: toys, her fingers, teething rings, my hands, our ottoman, our couch (no joke), anything to relieve the pain. Even with all this teething, she's been a sport with only intermittent spurts of crankiness amongst full hearted belly laughs, silly grins and giggles. She's the dream baby. Well, she's the baby I always dreamed of having.

Today was a little bit tougher for her. The teething has increased her drool factor again and she has a tiny fever blister in the corner of her mouth. For most of today she's had a fever and wanted to just be in my arms, cuddling and being comforted. Looking at her on one of her "off days" I couldn't help but think how much I adore her and wish I could make things like this easier for her.

Being a parent is not easy. It's hard, it is. But I look at Zoe who relies on us to know when she needs a diaper change, food, sleep. And then there's the teething. The struggling with wanting to crawl, walk, speak - but not quite getting them down as well as you'd like. The falling down all the time would drive me nuts! Sometimes I think being a baby is harder than being a parent. And then I think, just wait until she's officially a toddler... and (Ack!) a teenager.

Either way, it's all worth it.


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