As Daniel, Zoe and I were walking thru the children's section at Borders (browsing for last minute items to occupy the kiddo on the airplane tomorrow) we overheard this exchange between a lady and a sales person:

"Do you have blah blah(I didn't actually hear what she wanted)?"
"No, sorry. We can order it for you."
"Well her birthday is today, I need it now!"

And the lady rushed off in a huff no doubt feeling put out and bothered by the whole situation.

The sales person mumbled just before we walked by her: "Well maybe you should have not waited until their birthday to buy the gift."

As I was walking away I heard another sales person say, "Maybe she should try shopping on any of the other 364 days for her child's birthday present. It's not like the day is a surprise."

I couldn't help myself from smirking and giving them the thumbs up. Customers can be so righteous even when they're at fault. I can't begin to tell you how many husbands came looking for the jewelry wardrobe on Christmas Eve and then acted like I was a moron for not having it on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Yeah. Maybe they should have not shopped last minute. Meh.

It would be like me complaining that our airline tomorrow doesn't have baby food for MY kid if I didn't pack some for in flight. Come on! I wish people would step up and take responsibility for their mistakes instead of trying to place blame elsewhere just to make themselves feel better.

And on that note, I need a vacation! We leave my parents house tomorrow for San Antonio. I'm thrilled. I may or may not keep up with this whole blogging every single day. We'll see. Maybe I'll post a iPhone pic every day of the trip with no explanation at all. Hmmm. That could be easy enough.


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