To Do:

Make list for what needs to be cleaned.


Make list for what needs to be purchased.


Put plethora of baby paraphernalia away so that new baby paraphernalia can be unwrapped by guests of honor.

Decide where the food table is going to be. Or should I put it on the counter?
Oh, hell.

Remember: Party + Pregnant woman = Strong need for air conditioning and fans.

Figure out how to stop all of our neighbors on the block from parking in front of our house so that our guests have a place to park.

Choose music. What music should I play for a baby shower? This is going to bug me.

Check animals into dog hotel because they will wreak havoc otherwise.

Make sure camera battery is charged.

Try not to freak out.

Try not to drive husband crazy with my manic 'must make everything perfect' mode.



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