Remember the Alamo

We're back in San Antonio just a few blocks from the Alamo (Daniel's parents live downtown just a few minutes from the historic site, the Alamo Dome and Hemisfair Park). It's been an eventful couple days, but I'm going to save the recap for when I can blog from my laptop versus my iPhone. So far I have tons of photos waiting to be uploaded to flickr, but I need to wait until we get home for access and I need to renew my now expired Pro account.*

I'm also going to wait until we get home to write my letter to Zoe. Its hard to believe today is her 11 month birthday. Just one more month and she's a year old! If you could see her you'd be amazed at how much she's grown. She's been quite the social butterfly while on vacation. She truly fits in with the Texans here and she's charming everyone with her generous smiles and laughter.

* Friends and Family (my Mom & Dad especially) don't be alarmed at the sudden drop of monkey pics in my photos. They're hidden until I pay the dues, but we will return to your baby sightings soon.


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