I Might Be Old Now

So Daniel and I loaded up the baby and went to the "Marketplace" to go grocery shopping this afternoon. The "Marketplace" is actually just your run of the mill strip mall with a few restaurants, a Rite Aid, some small stores, a movie theater and a Vons, but it also happens to be swarming with kids of the teen aged variety every single weekend. Well, who am I kidding? It's pretty much swarming with people every day after five. So anyway, as we're coming up to the center I ask Daniel to take a specific turn so we can do a drive by of the center to check out the soon to be open Williams Sonoma.

And that folks is the first sign that I'm either getting old or really, really boring. OY.

Second - I stared in awe at a kid Daniel pointed out with a huge Mohawk. Daniel says, "He should be proud of that!" Inside I agree, but can't help but wonder what his mother thinks of his hair choice. OLD.

Third - We're walking around Vons and a group of thugs teenage boys just cuts in front of our cart without saying "excuse us” or even acknowledging our presence. I might have muttered, "Kids these days." but I'm not admitting anything. OLDER.

Fourth - We walk by some girls with their hair cut sort of like a mullet. I think "Wow! I never thought that would be back in style." OLDER STILL.

Fifth - As we're leaving the center (listening to a very interesting story on NPR) we observe teenagers congregating (yeah, congregating!) in the middle of the street. We watch a girl awkwardly hug some boys in greeting. I can't help but remember that nervousness; that discomfort in my own skin and feel like that was ages ago. It sort of was. OLDER.

Sixth - Driving home, listening to Zoe squeal and sing-talk to herself I might have hoped she's a better teenager than I was. OLDEST.


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