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All week I've been telling myself I need to blog and then finding something else that needed to be done more. Maybe the heat is getting to me...my brain doesn't seem to be sustaining info. The heat is making me cranky and less inclined to sit and write. There's also the fact that we've been busy this week.

We went to see An Inconvenient Truth with some friends last Sunday. It was disturbing, and scary. Daniel and I went home and discussed the movie and what we could do (besides the recycling we already do) to make a positive difference. One of our answers was getting a new car to replace Daniel's Saturn. We decided on a Toyota Prius after researching the different hybrid cars. We liked the hatchback style and all of the reviews I read on them were above the other hybrids. The MPG seems to be the best out of all of them too. We're thinking the dog children's' crate will fit easily and when the time comes, the car won't be too cramped with a baby seat and stroller. I'm keeping my Toyota Highlander for minimal use, but someday we hope to get another Prius or possibly the Highlander Hybrid. We'll see.

Other than buying a new vehicle, I don't have much to report. We got some new bookcases and spent some time rearranging some furniture. I went with Daniel to see Fast & Furious : Tokyo Drift last night. I hated it, but I do have to say the races were sorta cool. The story was lame (when they decided to have a story) and the ending was super cheesy, but I was glad to go since Daniel wanted to. Besides, he's taking me to see Devil Wears Prada this weekend - so I can't complain.

OK. That's all I've got for now.


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