Girl Talk (You're forewarned) the past few months, I've hinted about certain decisions being made; adjustments in mine and Daniel's lives; planning for our future, etc. A few of you bloggers have had comments from me that are much less vague...the rest of you, I'm sure you've put two and two together. I'm not very cryptic and I wasn't trying to hide so much as be discreet about what our plans were. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do and I didn't want to jinx anything by writing about it here.

I changed my mind.

After some long talks, Daniel and I decided last August that we want to extend our family. We talked with our family doc, my ob/gyn and my specialist for RSD. I was weaned off of my pain medications and quit the BC. After a few months, (November) we "officially" started trying for "Baby E." It's been 8 months and we haven't had any luck. And when I say no luck, I mean no natural periods. In eight months, I have had three periods (all induced by a hormone). A few weeks ago, my ob/gyn decided it was time we went to a specialist.

Daniel and I met with Dr. Shakespeare's (Hello! How awesome is that? The theatre girl in me loves this.) PA a few days before we left for our anniversary trip. We discussed my medical history and our hopes. They took two tubes of blood from me and I barely winced. Daniel was waiting a few feet away from me, so instead of squeezing his hand as tight as humanly possible - I stared at a poster of a newborn. I figure when the time comes, there will be a whole lot more blood tests and shots and there's no use in me being a baby about needles anymore.

Yesterday, I went in for an HSG. I was told it was a simple X-ray of my uterus. Wrong. They said it might be uncomfortable. It was. It was also extremely painful. I ended up needing to call Daniel to come pick me up and I walked out of the office doubled over in pain with cramps and nausea. I cried and moaned...and stated that I would relay this story to our teen whenever I deemed necessary.

Today, our PA called to give me the results. My bloodwork all came back normal. My uterus and left tube are "perfect". My right tube is completely blocked. She discussed my case with an expert in Thousand Oaks and he wants to see me. It's possible that a condition I was born with is affecting my fertility. Normally, he's booked and we wouldn't be able to see him until July or August...we lucked out and someone cancelled just before I called. Daniel and I are driving down to Thousand Oaks this Thursday night and we have a 11 a.m. appointment on Friday. The initial consult will take over an hour and then he'll do an ultrasound. It is extremely likely that the next step will be me having a surgery to unblock my right tube. Meds are likely to follow...and then who knows what.

This blog will not become a "Infertility Blog", but with it being a important part of our lives right now and something that is on my mind...I can't not talk about it.

I should also say that Daniel and I are not putting any pressure on each other and we are fairly relaxed about all of this. I have my moments of anxiety, but we're good. Better than good. Our lives haven't revolved around getting pregnant and we're going to do our best to keep it that way. After all the articles I read today about our doctor and his facility, we feel like we are in extremely capable hands and I am very hopeful and excited for what may come. I'm a firm believer in the idea that things happen when and as they should. That said, any good thoughts you want to send our way are greatly appreciated.


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