Photo Friday Contribution: PORTRAIT

I know, I know.... I've shared this one before. The thing is, it's been a couple months and this happens to be my favorite picture I've taken of my husband. And it fits the category...other choices included actors from shows I've photographed, or the dog children, but this one makes me smile. It was taken on our first anniversary - in Ashland, Oregon. The last time I posted it, I said I thought it would be great on the back of his first book.

New hat

We're off to San Diego this morning to see my parents and to see Wicked on Saturday night. I'm sort of excited. Of course, I'd be more excited if I wasn't suffering from some kind of stomach flu or food poisoning. It's been hell for the past two days. Hell, I tell you! The only thing that would make it OK, would be if it's something else causing all this havoc. That would be completely acceptable....and well, YAY! But something tells me it's just a plain old virus. A disgusting, hot flash inducing, nauseating virus.

On that note....Have a fabulous weekend everybody!


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