Well, we're back in the calm that is our home. Air blasting, dog snoring, fingers's good to be home. Not to say that our weekend wasn't fabulous. Oh, it was! I wasn't really sure what to expect from this event: Comic-Con. I knew people would be in costume. I expected a lot of geeks in one location. I was looking forward to lots of vendors and interesting panels. I was hoping I might see a movie star or two.

Costumes: Lots of comic book characters on hand, that's a no brainer. Also in attendance were Manga and anime characters and obvious fans of Star Wars, Firefly (Browncoats), Fifth Element, Men in Black, Jay & Silent Bob (just to name a few). It seems that geek chicks are huge fans of the corset and fishnets. There were moments where I thought I might be at a Rocky Horror convention.

100,000 people: Yep. You read that correctly. The convention center was so crowded that people were turned away from the event. People brought their infants, toddlers, and grandmothers. We all walked through the massive center like cattle...stopping frequently to meet all the writers and artists. On Saturday, my blistered foot was rolled over by the same stroller 4 times (within a one minute time span). When I looked at the woman pushing the stroller (which was empty, by the way) she glared at me like I had some nerve putting my foot under her ugly, mint green stroller. I was amused by all the geeks thriving in their Mecca. It made me feel all warm inside to see their eyes glazed over with joy and the obvious camaraderie they all shared with each other. After two and a half days of people watching, I have determined that I clearly married the cutest geek ever.

The vendors: Hundreds of vendors. Comic books and memorabilia everywhere. We purchased a plethora of comic books and graphic novels....I'm actually really looking forward to reading a few of them. We won a cool wooden sun and moon plaque (I can't resist entering drawings).

The panels: We sat in on a Jim Henson panel where they talked about the second Dark Crystal movie. Brian Froud was there and he looks like a little goblin, but cute. I bought one of his books on fairies and he signed it for me. I beamed like a true geek as I talked with him. We also sat in on a "Narnia" panel as well as "Pirates of the Caribbean" and 'Spiderman 3". We saw sneak previews of the latter two and I got a free "Spiderman 3" baseball hat. I think I'll wear it tomorrow.

Movie stars (and directors): I'm just going to list who we saw speak: Frank Miller, Kevin Smith (and Jay...from Clerks), Nicholas Cage, Eva Mendes, Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Bryce Dallas Howard, Topher Grace, Thomas Hayden Church. I also caught a brief glimpse of Rosario Dawson and Quentin Tarrantino as they gave autographs. I feel like a failure of a photographer, but I didn't get a single photo because I left my camera in our hotel room. I didn't want to lug it around, and well...I don't really care that much about these people. I mean, it was awesome to see Nicholas Cage because he is SO out there...but beyond that, it wasn't my thing.

In summary, my first Comic-Con experience was pretty cool. I enjoyed getting a peak at that world and loved hearing people tell each other "Happy Comic-Con". I digged the friendliness of the writers and artists who graciously offered conversations and autographs without prodding. I enjoyed seeing all the geeks beam with excitement. I forgive the woman who ran over my foot with the stroller (four times!) because it was freaking crowded. There were moments I wanted to shout "Walk with purpose!" to the masses, but I was afraid a Princess Leia (Return of the Jedi, slave girl version) or Power Puff Girl might beat me up. That would have been something to blog about! Maybe next year.

So, yeah. We'll be back next year. Next year we'll be pros! I'll wear more practical shoes and carry a backpack. I'll pack snacks and bottled water because the food was over priced and reminded me of the food I ate in high school. I will not wear a costume unless my husband asks nicely, and then I still might not. OK, if you want...I will. I just don't know who I'd be. Suggestions, anyone?


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