Everything Is Going So Well

So. Yeah. Things seem to be going favorably for the husband and me right now. We got through the injections that Daniel had to give me without too much pain and only one bruise (he forgot to stop squeezing my skin). I was a trooper and barely complained about the stinging and Daniel learned a new skill. So, woohoo for that.

On Saturday we each auditioned for a couple musicals. I auditioned for The Full Monty (Daniel is assistant directing) and Daniel auditioned for Assassins (I'm assisting on that one). We both did really well and found out Sunday afternoon that we got the parts we each had been eyeing. My number is especially jazzy and fun, so I am very excited. I'm thinking if all goes according to plan, this may be my last time on stage for a while.

Which brings me to Sunday morning. We got up early and drove to Thousand Oaks for a follow up appointment. I needed to be seen on the 11th day of my cycle so they could do another ultrasound and see how the meds worked for us. It looks like only one of my eggs matured enough for fertilization - the other eggs just weren't mature enough. That basically means that unless that mature egg splits, we're not likely to have a multiple pregnancy from this first round of treatments. While the idea of twins is certainly exciting, we're happy to know one is very possible. I was given one more injection in the office (this time of HCG) to kind of push that egg along, and then we went home.

And now we're in limbo. I'll start another hormone tomorrow that is supposed to be good for our potential baby to be....and we'll know on August 2nd if this all worked. If it didn't, we start the whole process over again. Provera, Clomid, HSG, Ultrasound, HCG, Go! If inclined, I could make up a little cheer! But that is SO not me.

There is a part of me that is super impatient about all of this waiting until August 2nd. It is very exciting to imagine I could very well be pregnant, right now! Good thing Daniel and I have some things to distract us from the waiting game. We've got our first cast meeting tonight. I've got a 400 image DVD slideshow I need to put together from my last photography job. We leave for San Diego on Thursday for our Comicon weekend....and next weekend we'll be back in S.D. for Wicked. Being busy is a good thing.


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