Birthday recap

A week ago, I took Zoe to Cheryl's for the first time so I could have a "Mama Monday" (this week we're doing it tomorrow since Daniel is off for Labor Day). When I got to the car with the kiddo, I saw a card and a note from Daniel on the dashboard. I'd assumed it was a note telling me to enjoy myself and not worry about the baby since I'd been feeling a little guilty and emotional about having a day without her. Nope. It was an early birthday card and an urging for me to go out and have a fun day of shopping. So I did. I got tons of new clothes as my birthday present from Daniel. Awesome.

We got to San Diego late Thursday night and Zoe's present to me was staying up with me until 2am. I'm choosing to believe she wanted to be the first to wish me happy birthday.

My actual birthday was spent walking around, having lunch with Daniel and Zoe, watching Daniel cut off all of his hair, and spending time playing with Zoe and her new walker that my parents got her.

That night, my parents took us all to dinner at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in their area. I ate loads of sushi and had (well, like 4 sips) my first appletini in a year. It was a nice evening.

On Saturday Daniel, Zoe and I headed to the mall to spend the gift cards my parents got me. I got this awesome new diaper bag from Ju Ju Be in the "Perky Perrenial" pattern. I love it! And Daniel got me a dress I found that was 75% off. I wore it on our date night (two in one week!). We went to a brewery for dinner and then we saw Stardust, which I loved. It had its slow moments, but overall it just made me happy to watch it. Robert Deniro is hilarious in it.

We got back into Bako late yesterday afternoon. Daniel is off work today, so we're going to be lazy. We might rearrange some furniture in the living room, go to Target, drive around a bit and oh, yes... unpack!

But for the most part it's going to be a lazy Monday. Ha.

Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes, they made my weekend.


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