Glamourous. Life.

So, it's a nice Saturday afternoon. I'm fighting off some creeping crud that has infected my throat and is making me feel like crap with a capitol "C". I have a pain in my right shoulder that has persisted for nearly a week and at times feels like the muscle and tissue are tearing or just being beat on by a very strong person with an iron fist. Daniel is taking a nap because he was up with the little one until two in the morning. Our house is a mess. We're dog sitting four dogs for a friend of ours (at his house thank goodness) who has dog-sitted for us numerous times and is in L.A doing a show, so that means we’re going back and forth between his house and ours. We're on super budget, logging every single purchase and bill into an Excel worksheet so we can manage our spending better and save some money/ pay off our debts. We're moving into a new house and have until October 31st to get all our stuff out of the old house and clean it.... I don't know where to be begin. But I can't worry about any of that right now because....

I fed Zoe an hour ago and just now, she spit up a huge amount of milk. It burst out of her adorable little mouth, landed on her chest and then streamed down her little belly down onto my pants. I look like I've peed myself. I have ONE burp cloth within arms reach and a baby who is laughing at all the "Ewws" and "Yuckies" her mother is whispering (so as not to wake the napping husband) at her. My daughter looks extremely proud, like her work is done for the day.

And me? All I can do is laugh. I wouldn't trade this for anything, but geez. I sure do need to change my pants and Doh! Hers too, I think.

Oh. And Zoe is teething. BIG TIME. I see three little white dots where teeth are coming in and they’re making all of us a little cranky.


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