What We Brought to the Hospital

A while ago, some readers asked that I post my list for what I brought to the hospital for my inducement/ Zoe's birth. It's been 7 weeks, but I figured I'd post it now since some of the bloggers I read are working on their own lists. The list is right off my Word program. I was super organized. I printed up the list like, a month before my due date and highlighted the heck out of it. I also updated it to show that I'd purchased and packed items and then reprinted it. It was sort of ridiculous, actually. Hey, I like being organized and when everything feels so topsy turvy that last month of pregnancy it's kind of nice to feel in control of things.

I was induced on Monday, May 21st and Zoe was born via C-section at 12:18am on Wednesday, May 23rd. We got to check out of the hospital Thursday (the 24th) evening.

I've added some notes in italics to show what was truly useful and not - because I'm obsessed like that want to help future mom's out there.

What to Bring to Hospital
  • Birth Plan – done & turned in
  • Wallet w/ ID (yeah. No one ID'ed me at the hospital, but it seemed like a good idea.)
  • Glasses, Nursing bra, Flip flops – will wear
  • Glass cleaner - packed (I cleaned my glasses obsessively.)
  • Headband - packed (Didn't use. I tried, but it annoyed me.)
  • Hair ties - packed (Two of them. I wore my hair in braids. It kept my hair out of my face and I could lay my head back without a ponytail being in the way.)
  • Burts Bee’s - packed (Used like crazy. I love Burts Bee's)
  • Shampoo & conditioner – purchased and packed (Got fancy Aveda stuff and loved the smell. Hospital would have provided, but it was nice to have my own.)
  • Brush
  • Our toothbrushes – purchased and packed (new ones, in honor of the NEW baby)
  • Toothpaste – purchased and packed
  • Deodorant – purchased and packed (It made me feel better.)
  • 2 pairs of socks w/ tread on bottom – purchased and packed (I got cheap socks with cheap tread from Target and the tread pealed off in the bed. I left little trails of tread all over the room. It sucked, but it also made me laugh. My feet were warm at least.)
  • 2 pairs underwear - packed (Big underwear to fit those HUGE pads.)
  • Lightweight robe – purchased and packed
  • Nightgown – purchased and packed (Didn't get to wear until after Zoe was born, but I was SO glad to be out of the hospital gown.)
  • Breast pads – purchased and packed (Didn't use until a week after Zoe was born when my milk REALLY started coming in - and then I used four at a time.)
  • Going home outfit for me - packed (Maternity jeans, because you don't just completely shrink back to normal right away.)
  • Clean clothes for Daniel - packed (We only packed one change of clothes, he could have used two or three.)
  • Bathing suit for Daniel - packed (I read somewhere that if your husband wants to use the inroom shower, he should bring a suit to wear. He took a shower, but didn't wear the suit - I just made sure no one walked in on him.)
  • Snacks for Daniel – purchased and packed (He ended up getting food from the cafeteria. I ate one bag of snacks while I waited for him to bring me some frozen yogurt during the inducement/before labor.)
  • 1 roll of quarters for vending machines – get from bank (Never got. Never needed.)
  • Bttled water & MTN DEW– purchased, pack just before we leave (The MTN DEW was just the right amount of caffeine my husband needed to stay alert.)
  • Hand operated fan – purchased and packed (Never used. I think it would have annoyed me.)
  • Camera & memory card / Phone Charger (Must haves!)
  • iPod with Special Playlist (I made such a great playlist that we never listened to because I just needed mindless stuff, plus my mood changed so frequently. We watched Law & Order and SVU and talked a lot. I play the playlist for Zoe now though - especially back when she was barely sleeping at all at night. I think she likes it.)
Pack in Car Ahead of Time
  • Snoogle (The hospital bed was SO uncomfortable!)
  • 2 pillows (Hospital pillows are crap. I wish we'd brought 4 so Daniel could have been more comfy.)
  • Two Large Bath Towels (It was just nice to have my own there. Used twice.)
  • Carseat
Zoe’s stuff
  • Diaper bag
  • Going home outfit – purchased and packed
  • Receiving Blanket – purchased and packed


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