Dear Zoe,

Today you are two months and two days old. I had planned on writing this to you two days ago, but lately time has a way of getting away from me. Something to do with taking care of a baby, I think.

It’s funny because from November 2005 to your birthday, time seemed to go a little bit slower. Your dad and I had a wonderful time together, (most definitely) but those nine months of trying to conceive and then those nine and a half months we waited for your arrival seemed to go at a snails pace sometimes. I worried we would never get to have you and then when we were told you were on your way, May 25th (your due date) couldn’t come quick enough. We wanted you to be healthy and happy, and we were so excited to meet you and hold you in our arms.

Every day since you were born has been an adventure. Your dad and I were in awe of this little person we’d created. We were shocked when people would say how big you were (8lbs, 5ozs.) because you looked so fragile and tiny to us – our little one.

At first, your size one diapers were a tad too big and so were all your newborn clothes. I would look at all the cute clothes we had for you in bigger sizes with glee and anticipation. I was so excited to dress you up! Last Thursday, I put all your newborn clothes away and felt sort of sad doing it. You’ve already grown so much! Now your wearing clothes for a 3 month old and size 2 diapers.

Speaking of diapers, I think we’ve changed like, two hundred in the last two months. Seriously, you’re keeping us busy. We’re looking forward to when you are potty trained! But no rush, because it seems like you’re growing up so quickly.

You smile tons! And laugh. You wake up smiling in the morning, which is lovely. Also lovely, is your sleeping through the night. Your dad and I want to thank you for that. For the last two weeks, you’ve been sleeping through the night, which means WE got to sleep through the night as well. The last few nights have been a little bit more difficult because your schedule got messed up from traveling, but we’re confident you’ll be back on track soon. Right?

You love tummy time and have been doing a pretty good job of holding your head up since day one. Sure, sometimes you have bobble head tendencies, but you’re determined to do it on your own. You’re a kicker, still. You kick while you’re sleeping, getting your diaper changed, and sometimes while you eat. You also like to stand on your feet with our assistance and then kick out one leg so you’re balancing on the other. This impresses me to no end, especially when I see you pointing your toes.

The three of us are all still getting to know one another. We’re learning what your different cries mean. You’ve learned I don’t particularly enjoy it when you shake your head back and forth vigorously while I breast feed you. Even your dad and I are getting acquainted with our new roles. We’re not just best friends, partners, and spouses anymore. Now we’re your parents and adjusting to the change that is part of that. When we’re not taking care of feedings and diaper changes, we try to make time to take care of each other, which we think is very important for our happiness and yours. We’ve had two movie dates without you and have tried bringing you with us to dinner with friends and strolls around the bookstores. You usually sleep when we’re out and about with you so that makes it easier.

What wasn’t particularly easy was our first road trip with you last weekend. Driving from Bakersfield to San Diego should not take seven hours, but it did. We stopped three times. We changed you at a Whole Foods, in the front seat of the Prius, and at Borders. All three diapers were explosive and we had to change your clothes – I’m pretty sure it was because of your sitting position in your car seat. You didn't really seem bothered by any of it, you're happy if you have your binkie. You took two bottles and I pumped in the backseat worrying the entire time that some trucker would see what I was doing, but doing it anyway because you needed food and being engorged is no fun at all. Seriously.

What is fun is seeing all the expressions you make and noticing family resemblances. Also fun: making fun of your “Friar Tuck” hair. You were born with a decent amount at the bottom, but little on top. We find it extremely cute, but I’m pretty sure someday you’re going to roll your eyes when we tease you about it. That’s OK; we’re ready for it.

We’re ready for all of it. We’re so excited to see what you have in store for us this month. We love you, Zo-Zo Monkey.


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