2 Month Check-up

I took Zoe for her two month check up yesterday morning. She did great during the exam; cooing and smiling. Her doc says she's a healthy baby. She also said Zoe was "huge" the instant she walked into the room, which sort of bugged me. The pediatrician has a way of making things sound negative when they're not. I end up getting paranoid and asking if I'm doing something wrong and then she back pedals and says everything is fine. She says Zoe is in the top 75 percentile for weight and length - and we're not feeding her too much. She's a good size for her age and she's growing at a good rate. Yay us!

Birth weight/length - 8lbs 5ozs./ 19 inches
Last month - 10lbs 5ozs./ 21 inches
Today - 12lbs 3ozs./ 23 inches

That was the easy part. It was not easy watching Zoe get her shots. It was really hard holding Zoe's legs down while the nurse poked her. Our baby has some strong legs and she likes to kick; add being poked four times with needles and you have one angry baby. She was pissed. Bright red, trying to kick her strong legs and screaming like we've never heard her before. I wanted to cry with her, but I was stronger than I thought I would be.

Afterwards, Zoe and I came home and relaxed and then I took some pictures because I just had to.

I don't know how I get anything done, ever, with her looking so cute all the time!


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