Oh, what a beautiful morning

Guess who’s baby slept through the ENTIRE night! Our’s did! * Yeah, I pretty much did a happy dance when the husband and I woke up before the little one. I even had time to sit and have a bowl of cereal and juice before she woke up and needed a diaper change. Daniel dealt with diaper duty so I could eat. It’s been so long since I’ve had a bowl of cereal – it requires two hands and usually one is holding the kiddo.

So, I finish my cereal and juice and go to see Zoe and her dad in our bedroom. I congratulate her on sleeping through the night and promise her her favorite meal: milk. And that’s when Daniel starts singing: “Don’t you wish your baby was cute like me?”

I love him.

Today is going to be a good day (except I have an Ob/GYN check up. Not as much fun when you’re not pregnant.). Zoe is sleeping again after having breakfast and even though she’s on my lap, I’m managing to blog. I’m actually typing with both hands, which doesn’t really get to happen anymore. I guess that’s why I’ve been so quiet with the blogging and the comments lately. It only takes one hand to surf n’ lurk, everything else can get tedious when I can’t type correctly (well, with two hands anyway).

You know what’s awesome? A baby who laughs in their sleep. I’m pretty sure she is dreaming about food, her favorite thing in the entire world.

* I’m thinking some of our Bakersfield friends probably think we’re big liars about her not letting us sleep. Every time we take her out in public and see friends, she’s sleeping – you know, like a baby. She barely even stirs the entire time we’re out and then on the way home she starts wailing. There are very few people who have seen her eyes (they’re bright blue) in person. But we’re not lying. I would never lie about sleep… it’s too precious.


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