And Another Thing...

I've mentioned before that Daniel has a podcast of his own. He goes over "cool stuff" and reads his fiction. I'm immensely proud of what he does with his podcast and I love getting to hear him. He's got good podcast voice. :) Anyway, I "helped" him record a special announcement regarding Zoe this evening. I use the term "helped" loosely since I mainly listened, smiled and laughed. It's funny - I'm totally comfortable being on stage singing and acting and being a different person altogether or writing about my life on a public forum, but put me in front of a microphone and I'm suddenly shy. I'm actually this way in most social situations unless I know the people I'm with. Go figure.

So... check out our announcement. It's old news for most of you, but you'll get to hear how adorable my husband is and I say a few things in between my laughter.

Download the mp3 here: Daniel & Keely's Announcement Podcast

Or, go to Daniel's podcast webpage and listen to it in streaming audio Daniel & Keely's Announcement Podcast


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