Picture Time! Again.

25 weeks, 5 days

It's amazing what a little bit of makeup and a new dress can do for a sick/pregnant lady. :) We've been trying to take a picture of me and my growing belly every few weeks or so and Valenitine's Day seemed like a good day even if my nose does look swollen from my latest bout of sinusitus. Yuck. Anywho. I'm saying this is my 26 week pic since that's where I'm at as of today, but it's actually 25 weeks/5 days. Whatever. I won't sweat the inaccuracy if you don't.


This, of course is Daniel. He's standing next to a new addition to Zoe's room. Daniel found the letter bookmarks in a cool store in San Diego during the holidays and we picked out the frame and other pictures (greeting cards, actually) last weekend. I used some lavender card stock for matting and voila! "Zoe Art".


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