Hauled Away

Remember this lovely sectional that I was so excited to get a year ago?

Living Room

It was everything I wanted in a sectional. It was modern, red and comfy. I loved it.

Max hated it. He huffed and puffed and resented me for giving "his" recliner away. Eventually he decided that our sectional would be a nice convenient source of fiber and he started digging into it and eating the stuffing. We covered the hole with pillows and throws and then he made more holes. And then Bailey's and his nails poked holes in the chenille cushions with their nails. The nails were getting stuck in the loops in the fabric. We thought the fabric was durable and we were very, very wrong. More holes were dug. More stuffing was eaten and Daniel and I became disgusted and frustrated until all we could do was laugh. We made a very bad purchase.

And now. Now the sectional is gone. It was hauled away by two very creepy men (I found through the newspaper) last Thursday. We paid them $45 to get this sectional/chew toy out of the house.

In turn, I got to have them argue in my front yard for 30 minutes about how to get it to fit in their truck. Then, I ended up apologizing to them that my dog’s hair was on the sectional that they had decided to give away instead of take to the dump. Oy.


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