Showing Some Love

Yeah. So, I'm sick for like the thirtieth day since January 1st. I'm sick and tired and REALLY feeling pregnant now. I'm tired of doctor's visits and Z-packs (antibiotics). I'm tired of all the symptoms that Nyquil is supposed to be able to cure and not being able to take Nyquil. I'm not sleeping well. I have lots of growing pains. I'm a little cranky and would like to stick my head in a hole (like an ostrich) or just maybe live in a germ free/immune system friendly bubble until after May 25th.

What I'm not tired of, is little baby kicks that make me giggle in spite of not being able to breathe comfortably through my nose. I'm also not tired of this scratchy voice (very Kathleen Turner-esque) that I'm sporting. I'm especially not tired of Daniel.


Besides being the best husband ever, he makes me laugh even when I feel like crap. He's gone to every single doctor's appointment. He's keeping me drugged up on cough medicine and Sudafed, and well stocked with hot tea and kleenex. He's pretty amazing actually, and I'm not saying this all just because of what day it is today. In fact, I'd pretty much decided I hated Valentine's Day until Daniel came along four years ago. Today isn't particularly spectacular. We went to our family doctor to get me more antibiotics. We ate lunch and stopped by Pier One really fast. We don't really do the candy and hearts and flowers stuff - and I love that. Instead we use today as an excuse to say "I love you" a dozen extra times and remember how lucky we are. I think the great thing about us, is today isn't really that different from every other day we spend together.

OK. I'm done being cheesy now. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I'm going to go blow my nose and take a nap.


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